Gone Crazy. Back Soon.


I'm always swamped at work - covered up with paper, phone calls, orders, invoices, elevation drawings...and the occasional misplaced paint brush, box cutter or latex glove.

I didn't set out to be a designer or a manager of people who gild frames or a person who "does the financials". But that's what I do. I wear a lot of hats and juggle lots of projects, people, deadlines and personalities.

Lately I've been pondering my work styles and methods - mostly wondering how I can be more efficient and not end up so frazzled at the end of the day. You know it's bad when you have to use a one hour commute in heavy traffic to pull yourself together before you pick up a toddler.

One of the things that was indispensable to me back in my corporate days working as an HR Director was my "notebook". It was neatly filled with notes (evenly spaced with date and time) on every phone call I made/received and every conversation I had relating to work. Thus, when a disgruntled employee accused me of something, I could say, "But on April 29 at 1:36pm I told you XYZ and you said ABC."

But there's something about a little age and a few children that can wrangle the brain a bit sometimes.

For example, today as I was riffling through papers I looked at notes I'd take at a meeting and they looked like this:

Jessica:Stuff Heat???
112,000 / Framing
Maintenance man
Dabney/Ricardo hotel
#510 – 36 x 31/ ask Mary? (fax D)
456-02 Isle Blue

And it's not even secret code. I'm still trying to decipher most of it.

I've got to go sit in rush hour traffic now so I can unwind.


The 5 Bickies :

Oh...I hear ya!
I used to manage people, manage a multi million $ department, and deal with customers all day! Name an account and I could recite all pertinent details.

Now, 6 yrs later, as a 40 something Stay at home Mom I can barely remember my grocery list,don't know where I parked my car and my children are out of control!

Do you think Calgon will help?

My mind is M.U.S.H!

aniowamom :

I when you get home ... have a glass of wine too!


Just Mom :

I remember those days. Come to think of it, I still have them and I don't even work outside the home anymore. Yes, commutes (i.e. time to yourself) can be a blessing.

Susan :

Awwww....hoping things are going a little more smooth now. An hour in that Atlanta traffic???? UGH!!

:-) Susan

Melissa in Mel's World :


I can SO relate! I have a red leather journal that I keep on hand at ALL times because I can't remember ANYTHING unless I write it down.

Is it an age thing or a mom thing???? I wonder...

Sonya :

LOL! Sometimes my hubby will ask me a question and I throw up my hand. "Let me think about it for a little bit and I'll figure out where I put your socks" and stuff like that. I totally forget and I actually have to retrace my steps and thoughts in order to figure it out! LOL! And I'm only 34!

Tickled Pink Talk :

I so hear you on this one! It sure is a challenge trying to manage everything and do it all well! I have my handy dandy mom agenda and the never ending supply of those magnetic pads you can buy at ACmoore. I don't know what I'd do with out my lists (even with them, sometimes I don't know what to do!!)

kdwhorses :

Girl, I hear ya! Since I had my daughter I can not remember diddly sqat! I keep a small note pad in my purse at all times to write things down. My husband has about a hour commute and he says it is his time to unwind before getting home. Hope you can find a happy medium!

Lori :

I only spend a half hour in traffic - and don't mind it. It too is my way to unwind and clear my head of work thoughts before getting home.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Nadine :

Wine helps at times like these.

Tammy :

I'm not in the workforce, Jill, but goodness, those notes look an awful lot like some of mine in recent years...I'll just sit and stare at my notes...and stare...and stare. :)

Another sahm mom I use to know kept a big journal and I thought it was interesting that she would need it to keep track of her "little" life. ;) But now with a home school meetings, events, my kids' classes I have to drive them to, others' people's birthdays...the list goes on and on...I think I'm going to go buy a journal right now! :)

justabeachkat :

Been there, done that many years ago when I worked. Trying to juggle all the balls in the air is exhausting!


Judi :

Boy do I know exactly what you mean! When I worked I took extensive notes about every call etc. Now I have a hard time deciphering my grocery list! :)

Sue :

Life and work just suck you up sometimes and it's hard to stop and catch your breath.

Maybe a vacation is in order? A nice girl's weekend. I think I could go for one myself.


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

You're making me so glad that I don't work with many people at my job!

p.s. you are a busy busy woman...no sweat if you do not get to that meme! Lord knows I understand. I have three that I have NOT done. Yikes! ;)

Tracey Kirksey :

girlfriend, you know we can always go join the circus with our juggling capabilities and also all those spinning plates on the wooden dowels that we keep from crashing down all at once!

That's why I saw we ARE the stronger sex! ;-)

Hang in there...

Much love,

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