Pondering Cookie Monster


The other day I was reading one of Adam's favorite Sesame Street books to him - the one about Cookie Monster sharing his cookies with Elmo and Zoe.

When we finished I asked Adam, "So what about Cookie Monster? What color is he?"

"Blue!", he said.

"And, what does Cookie Monster like to eat?"

"No! No, mama!" Adam insisted. "Ad-ma say what about Cookie."

"OK, Adam. You tell Mommy about Cookie Monster."

"Cookie have no nose and no tun (tongue). And Zoe have pink nose and tun like a heart."

I guess it's just a minor detail that Cookie Monster must have a hard time tasting or smelling those cookies.

To think I've been so woefully unobservant about the Sesame Street clan all these years.


Amber Kay :

Oh my goodness...I NEVER noticed that before!

melissa :

*CUTE* :)


Susan :

He is VERY observant. Hope he keeps that quality.

Sandra :

LOL I never noticed that before.....

Knit-Wit :

Huh. I never noticed that before either! Must be why it doesn't bother cookie monster to eat those cardboard tasting cookies!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

I've always thought that if I couldn't taste, I wouldn't be so tempted to eat. I guess Cookie Monster proves that theory wrong!

Adam is VERY observant!

Tonja :

They don't miss a thing, do they?

Linda :

I know I have not noticed that he did not have a nose either and I pride myself in details. Maybe at one time I knew it but it was just information I did not think I would need in life. Irregardless what a bright boy you have.:)

Happy Working Mom :

Holy cow...I've never noticed! And I definitely never noticed that Zoe has a heart shaped tongue!

Kids are so observant, aren't they?

Steph :

Wow! That just goes to show, you never know what their little minds are picking up!

*carrie* :

That is so funny--I know I've never picked up on that!

kdwhorses :

Oh no! You have just informed me of something I have NEVER noticed before.

Dianne :

Well now, that is a lesson, isn't it? I hadn't noticed that either...I love kids! :-)

Jennifer :

Hello! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Melissa in Mel's World :

I never knew that either...wow, he is super observant!!!

Sue :

That's too funny. I never notice either. He's very observant.

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