I love the coming of the New Year. The last part of December hosts the three most precious events in my life: my son's birthday, The Son's birthday, and then our wedding anniversary.

So, by the time January 1 rolls around, I've celebrated to the utmost and I'm ready to regroup, realign, and set my sights on the year ahead (after reflecting for a bit - but not too long - on the year past).

I love New Year's Resolutions. I actually love resolutions at any time of year (because really every day can be a fresh start) but there's something about the beginning of a year that is a little more ripe for the pickin'.

I've enjoyed reading many of your resolutions the past few days. Whatever you've chosen to accomplish, count me amongst your cheerleaders! And do keep us posted on how you're doing. I love hearing progress reports. So, with that in mind, I thought I'd go ahead and share some of mine - some being the operative word because I am sure you're not interested in the fact that I've resolved to floss every. single. day and drink more water (blah and double-blah).

My most steadfast work this year will be in Faith and Outreach. I decided to split the year into four 3-month sessions since I have so many areas I feel God is leading me toward. And, every other resolution I have is based on how I apply myself in faith and prayer.

Now through March 31 I'll be focusing on Marriage and Family. I desperately want to serve my husband more and be a better helpmate, while also setting aside the bulldog in me by allowing my husband to serve and help me more. That's one thing he asks from me over and over and I will be working on it with passion. I always keep a copy of The Power of a Praying Wife in the seat beside me in the car. It's amazing how reading nearly any page at random is a blessing and a lesson. I will be praying specific and focused prayers for my husband, more so than I've ever done before, and I hope you all will consider praying more for your spouses this year, too. If you do nothing else, consider doing this. My Bible Study for these first three months is Praying Through the Deeper Issues of Marriage by Stormie Omartian.

I've also been picking up note cards and writing paper in the sale bins at my favorite stationery stores. This year I'll be sending at least one hand-written note every week. Think how much you love to get a little something special in the mailbox... I know I do. There are many, many people in my life who might need a word of encouragement, a thank you, or a note "just because".

I've also started a daily diary for Adam, written in my own hand in a nice leather-bound journal. I'll add in pictures and anything else that strikes me as memorable on any given day. And, with a two-year old, it's not hard to find things to record.

In the Financial category I'd love to teach myself more about investing and put that knowledge to work. I don't have any debt, other than our house, so it's prime time to make money on the money we have, save more, and spend less.

I'm also going to make a donation every month to a charity I've not donated to before. The donation could be monetary, a specific item, or service of my time. This will open my eyes to the many, many needs of others. I can't wait to see what organizations I find and people I meet along the way. This month I'm donating to Camp Sunshine.

There you have it - a little glimpse of my resolutions for 2008.

Now if I could only get those Christmas decorations put away...


Annie :

I think those are wonderful resolutions Jill.

justabeachkat :

Great resolutions Jill!


Linda :

Great resolutions. Count me in as a Cheerleader for you too. My husband and I each keep handwritten journals for our boys. I think one day when they are much older they will appreciate having them.

Momma Roar :

What inspiring resolutions you've listed! You go girl! I love the idea of sending a note each week!

Leah in Iowa :

Great list, Jill! I love your idea of breaking down your goals into four time periods throughout the year, with a different focus for each. Sounds like it could be very beneficial doing it that way. Let me know how it works for you!

I'm cheering,
~ Leah

Tammy :

I loved reading these resolutions, Jill.
You know, I started easing my way out of a habit of trying to "control" my husband into change (control sounds a bit harsh, but I think that's what I was really doing...) and simply giving him over to the Lord, asking Him to make me a better wife, and asking Him to speak to my husband in any areas he needs to change...and it is amazing- just this simple asking in faith has reaped wonderful answers!

I think it's very neat how you divided the year up in your focus! I would have never thought of that!

A very Happy New Year to you and your family, Jill!

Knit-Wit :

I love the handwritten note idea. I love real mail! We have so gotten away from that with our computers.

Amie :

De-lurking here...

I'm impressed with your writings....thought-provoking, interesting, funny, geniune, and entertaining. You have a way with words...a great writer and I enjoy reading your posts!

I'm now a SAHM but used to be a working mom (until my child turned 4 1/2) so I can relate on all levels!

All of the resolutions that you detailed are extremely thoughtful and productive. There is real meaning to these things, so thanks for sharing!

I, too, have kept a journal for my son (now 9). I don't write in it every day but I often do. I realize that there are things, big and small, that I've forgotten over the years. I'm always moved when I read back on them because it gives me a chance to experience them again. Words, pictures, locks of hair, tickets, notes, all beautifully nudge the memory! I can only imagine how much more vibrant his memories will be and how special this book will be to him when he's older. This is a little something that I started doing a couple of years ago. When the mood strikes me to start an entry in his life journal, I sometimes hand-write. But if it's a BIG event or vacation with lots of details and happenings...I like to type it out on my computer and print it out. That way I can cut it out and paste it in his book along with a picture or other momento of the event. It saves me time and I find that my writing is a little better when I type it out as I'm thinking it.


Tonja :

And I bet you can carry out every single one of them! You go, girl!

Susan :

Wow, Jill, this is a GREAT list! I love splitting the year up and doing it in quarters. Getting a hand-written note is SUCH a BLESSING. I'll be praying for you and can't wait to see what God's going to do in and through you.



Sandra :

Those are great resolutions Jill :)

Kiki :

I am also de lurking, I also love your writing, and your resolutions. I am working on simplifying my goals this year, I don't have children {sigh} but I love the idea of handwritten notes and keeping a journal (not online). All the best to you in 2008.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

Your resolutions are wonderful! I just started reading the Power of a Praying Wife. Reading how you use it makes me excited to read more!

Susan :

Great resolutions.

Nadine :

What great resolutions. Your right in the fact that we don't have to commit to resolutions only at the first of the year, anytime is good. I just love the journal for your son...that's is going to be priceless to him one day.

Kari :

Those are great resolutions, Jill. I'm sure the journal you're starting for your son will be something very special. And, I especially love the notes that you plan on sending. In this day of emails and text messages, it does mean a lot to get a more personal hand-written note in the mail. I may have to borrow that idea from you. The teachers at my children's elementary school are big on sending hand-written postcards through the mail to the kids. Nothing brightens their day more than when they receive a small note of encouragement or praise from a teacher. It really makes them feel special. Good luck with your goals.

P.S. Connor was over the moon about the autographed CD. Thank you again!

melissa :

Such wonderful, neaningful resolutions.
The Power of a Praying Wife is one of my favorites ;)


*carrie* :


Thanks for sharing these--so inspiring!

I read through Power of a Praying Wife last year--wonderful Scripture verses and reminders!

Amie :

I tried to find the post that you listed the details of your diet on. I can't find it...anywhere. Could you please point the way? Thank you...

Jillian, Inc :

Aime- Regarding my diet plan, you can read more if you go to my archives under January 2007. Basically I cut out refinded sugar, processed foods and dairy and eat lots of protein and veggies. I'm reading a book right now called Good Calories, Bad Calories which is a very interesting historical books about eating and diets. Also, if you can, it's really interesting to do a little google research on caffiene and its effect on insulin production in the body and fat storage. If you need any more info (I've been eating this way for several years), email me directly. Thanks!

Jody :

Hmmm, must be the year for marriage... Our mom's group study is Love & Respect. :)

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