Sing.....Sing a Song


Adam's become quite a singer the past few weeks.

His hands-down favorite is the alphabet. I love hearing him sing
"Double-woo-woo, ex, why and zeeee."

Yesterday out of the blue he belted out "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

We hadn't heard that one before.

And I cracked up when he sang,
"Money, money, money, money, life is butter dream."


annie :

a butter dream sounds good to me! what a cutie!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

So cute! I love it when kids get words confused. It makes me smile!

Sonya :

LOL! How cute!

jeanetta :

how funny. i love it whenkids sing the lyrics they think they are hearing.

Shawna :

He is so adorable.

Corrie :

What a sweetie! I love his little Valentine too!
Cute cute cute!!!

Dianne :

That's precious!

When my oldest niece was in 1st grade, she told her teacher that the pilgrims came over on the cauliflower! :-)

I love the things that come out of children's mouths...hearing what they 'hear.' Too cute!

And that was me that deleted my comment above. I posted without proofing and it was FILLED with typos! :-)

The Things We Carried :

I love that singing. All those swwt little words!

justabeachkat :

So cute!


Tonja :

Too...Too cute!

Lynne :

Are you implying that those aren't the correct words to Row, Row, Row Your Boat?? Sounds good to me!

That's so cute!

Just Mom :

LOL. I mean, really LOL.

Linda :

I so love to hear my little preschoolers say the pledge and sign songs. They always say or sing something wrong and it is so incredibly sweet. Just like your cutie.

kdwhorses :

OUt of the mouth of babes! I just love it! Savannah loves to sing and she is famous for sernading us on trail rides! LOL

Nadine :

Nothing is more precious then little guy singing in his own words.

Tammy :

Adorable! Money and a butter dream sounds pretty nice! :D

The Things We Carried :

Just checking in.

Mom2fur :

I used to write down the funny things my kids did and said. Isn't it fun to have a blog to do the same? Adam sounds like he makes you smile all the time. (My oldest, who is now 25 and refuses to believe he was once 'cute,' used to walk around in his daddy's shoes and sing "Walk Like a Man."

May all little Adam's dreams be 'like buttah'!

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