Truth or Consequences


At dinner last night:

Adam (age 2): What yo name, Daddy?

Doug: You know. What is my name?

Adam: Daddy Doug.

Adam: What Mommy's name?

Doug: What is her name?

Adam: Boss. Mommy Boss.

Seems I've finally gotten through to him.


Amber Kay :

Ok, now that is some funny stuff!!

Susan :

It is so wonderful you are recording these. It's so easy to forget these precious things.

Robert Bartlett :

I am not sure how I came about your blog, but it is nice to see we all have some similar experiences. My wife will get a kick out your 2-year old's response. Have a great week.

Sue :

Now that is funny! Kayla did the same thing when J called his boss. She asked him who he was talking to and he said his boss. Her response? You're talking to Mommy? ;)

Tammy :

I love these little snippets of conversation!
My girls always make sure something is OK with me even if it's OK with Daddy...they know who has the final word when it comes to certain things! ;)

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

That is hilarious!!!! :)

Sandy :

So sweet. I remember when my boys realized I had another name other than mommy.

Hope you are having a great week.
Sandy :)

Just Mom :

Ooooo.... You're good.

Kari :

Now, that's good! Very cute!

Vader's Mom :

LOL!! That's a riot!!

You have a smart boy there! :)

justabeachkat :

That made me laugh out loud!!!!


Steph :


Corrie :

That's great! Loved your post about the shopping for bras too!
Very funny.

Lynne :

Smart boy! You have him trained well!

Lisa :

Smart little guy! Can he come over to our house and "train" my son in that line of thinking? heehee.

I am loving your blog design and your photos. Am off to read some more of your posts. :-)

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

Ha! That is great! I guess he has already figured out how things work. :)

annie :

That is hilarious! I can just hear him asking you, "why?" and you saying, "because I'm the boss that's why." (at least that's how it goes around here!)
Loved that Jill.

Tonja :

Yep, you are training him right! Good for you!

Nadine :

That made me laugh out loud. I read it to my husband who was sitting near by and he laughed.

Bella :

Just you wait....on that 1st day of Kindergarten and the teacher asks..."What is YOUR Mommy's name?" LOL

Happy Panda :

LOL - Thanks I needed that!

Haus Frau :


i'm known as *the general*. ;o)

great blog, this blog of yours - thank you for visiting mine.

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