Ummmm...Not Feeling the Love


Recent comments from my two year old to me - his dear sweet mama.

The one who gave birth to him.

The one who recently discovered Push Pops and lets him have one every day.


While lying in bed with me and hubby after interrupting our much-needed sleep at 5:10am:
Hey mom. Your breath is hot on my head. Roll over.

During another early-morning sleep interruption:
Get out of my face.

And another:
Leave. I need more room on 'da pillow.

While leaning on the side of the bathtub having what I thought was a sweet conversation:
Hey mom. Cookie Monster have no tongue and no nose. Mommy have no chin.
wrestling him to the groundhelping him get his pajamas on:
Your hair feels really weird.

More times that I can count:
I no like 'dis dinner. I want a Push Pop!


At least he didn't say I have two chins.


Happy Working Mom :

You are a really good sport, I have to say!

Those are adorable, and I'm sure he'll love reading that he said those things when he's 15 :)

Amber Kay :

Nothing says love like...a slam from your child!

Yes, I hear them all the time too:
Mom, you are pretty with long hair, not short hair.
Mom, you have a big bottom. that's LOVE! ;o)

The Things We Carried :

He is so darn cute, I just know you are melted within seconds of his little guy words :)!

melissa :

LOL - so funny. That's a boy for you!


Tonja :

Get ready, my friend. Boys can be very blunt. They will tell you like it it or not. Wish I could say it gets better...but, you should stay tough for a while longer! :) They do give good snuggles, though!

Momma Roar :

I can remember one of my nephews telling me to get a piece of gum after I was talking to them. That was before kids!!

The things they notice and say!

Makes for good blogging though, right? ;-)

Tracey Kirksey :

Jill, that is too precious! Out of the mouths of babes!

Happy Easter, my friend!

Steph :

They are so "sweet" aren't they?! I'll never forget the time my then 3 year old told me my stomach was like a pillow! Yeah, thanks sweetie!

Lynne :

You just gotta love him! 2 year olds have no idea of tact. He's such a cutie!

annie :

He is such a cutie pie!

Susan :

Oh they are so honest, aren't they?

That picture is adorable!

Dianne :

I love your stories like that....too cute!

Melissa in Mel's World :

Seriously...your guy is too funny! You have to remind him of these when he gets older...they are too precious!

Buford Betty :

Too funny! :-)

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