Brothers and Sisters


Conversation overheard this weekend while the kids were watching a basketball game in the living room:

Bayley: Wow! Those guys from Perdue must have had a long trip. Where is Perdue anyway?

Kendra: Duh. It's in South America.

And later, I asked Bayley where Kendra was and he said, "She's probably in her room practicing rolling her eyes."

She's twelve, which explains that.

I keep telling them they will actually like each other in about fifteen years.


Tammy :

Bayley's reply about where Kendra was is priceless! :D

Nadine :

That's just great. Made me smile.

Here's a little hope. My girl 24 and boy 22 are the best of friends now. He lives in LA and she at school in WA and they communicate all the time. She even flew to LA to stay with him for a visit.

Happy Working Mom :

How funny! They are beautiful kids! I think you guys will have your hands full when they're in high school!

jilly :

From the mouths of babes!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

Hi, Jill, those are 2 cute kids. I loved all those Adam sayin's from your earlier posts...hilarious!


Sandy :

Love it! Siblings can be such a gift to eachother. Especially later on in life!!

An Iowa Mom :


Big Daddy actually graduated from Purdue. But not the one in South America ... the one in Indiana. HA HA HA HA!


kdwhorses :

LOL! She will actually be saying the same things about him when he is about 15! Girls diffently have alot of drama!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

Thanks for making me laugh!

Just Mom :


Knit-Wit :

That just cracks me up - in her bedroom practicing rolling her eyes! Ha! I swear my 17 year old must do that from time to time also.

Melissa in Mel's World :

That is just true! They probably will really like each other, but you are could be about 10-15 years!

Short Stop :

LOL!!!! That's hilarious!

kari and kijsa :

Loved this!! Classic!

kari & kijsa

Susan :

Oh I remember the rolling eye stages.

LivingTheLife :

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a sweet comment about my dad...yes! March 25th holds a lot of significance to a few others, too!

Your children and family are beautiful...and the stories I read are precious! I especially love the ones of Adam, he really reminds me of my son!!! But, I loved how the 2 older ones "read" each other...too funny!! Believe me they will be very close one day...I have a daughter 28 and a son 25...and they are really very close friends! They also love each others spouses, that makes for some wonderful family get-togethers.

Keep enjoying each moment as they come...they only get better...well, mostly!! lol


Jenny :

That's what I keep telling my three! Thank you for your sweet words on my blog. I have me a nice glass of tea and plan on sitting a spell and enjoying your site!

Susan :

Yes, they will grow to love each other....I tell myself everyday..."they will, they will, they will".



Staci :

Priceless! But it's so true that it takes about 15 years to realize how much your sibling means to you!!

justabeachkat :

Too funny! You're so smart to write all this down.


(sure hope we get to have lunch when you're here next month)

The Things We Carried :

Your kiddos are beautiful and their comments are hillarious!

The Mrs. :

So funny!!!!!!

Sandra :

They're beautiful :)

KJ :

I love the way kids see things! We really need to listen more, don't we?

Have a fabulous Sunday!

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