High Maintenance or Hollywood Icon?


Since I turned 40 last November, it seems as if the upkeep on my person has increased at least 10-fold.

Maybe it's just a figment of my imagination. Maybe all the fluff 'n stuff hasn't really changed that much. Maybe it just takes me longer to get it all done. Or maybe the boost I get from all the primping and prodding doesn't last as long as it once did.

In any event, I feel like my maintenance is practically a part-time job.

In the last three weeks I've been manicured, pedicured, highlighted, massaged, waxed and cosmetically scraped. My hair's been cut, my teeth cleaned, and one tooth has been filled. I've been prescribed medications and even special toothpaste.

The labels on my lotions and potions now read "hydrating", "anti-aging" and "illuminating." That natural glow of youth seems a little less bright these days.

A shower no longer involves a simple shampoo, condition, lather and rinse. I now must color-protect, deep moisturize and exfoliate.

And after the shower...oh my! There's the concealing, powdering, and camoflaging - not to mention what lies ahead after I get dressed.

I guess this all means I'm either one step closer to the old folks home...

or I'm becoming Paris Hilton - without the money and multiple DUI's.


annie :

Something to look forward to? :)

Susan :


It just gets better, doesn't it? I told myself I'd stop some primping when I got to my 40's. I wanted to be as "natural" as I can...but Lordy that, too, takes work!

By week's end, I'll have completed everything on your list except "cosmetic scraping". That sounds interesting.



P.S. I'm still hoping we can work out a visit while I'm in Atlanta in May.

Lori :

Oh my - that sounded like my past three weeks also since spring break required a lot of prepping - I never used to do all this stuff before. I too have not done the cosmetic scraping, but stepping out of the shower also required one more step for me - bottle tanning!

What we must do to keep looking young!

Tonja :

What a cute post, and I feel your pain! Word to the wise...when you hit the fifties, it takes twice as much time! :) I know of which I speak!

Melene@Sing For Joy :

I turn 41 in May. I can so relate. Usually, I don't mind a trip to the dentist, but I go Wednesday and I'm not looking forward to it!

Have a great week, Jill!

Knit-Wit :

Ha! That's funny. Well... even with all the extra maintenance, I'd rather be in my 40's than in my 20's or 30's any day!

Just want to let you know that I've deleted my blog. Long story... but my identity has been compromised. You can send me an e-mail if you want the long story.

Lisa @ Take90West :

I hear ya! Upkeep is costing me a fortune and taking up a lot of time! Trust me, I need a lot of upkeep!
I remember when I could hop out of the shower, dry my hair and I was ready!

Rachel Langston :

I understand completely! When I was still teaching, I once asked a co-worker what her summer plans were.

"Maintenance" was her answer!

Rachel Langston

Nadine :

LOL...Paris Hilton w/o the money or multiple DUI's.

You know Jill, you don't even look close to being 40. You look fabulous!!!

Susan :

You always make me chuckle, Jill. Hate to tell you......but it doesn't get any better!!!!

Lynne :

Tonja is right - in the 50's it'll take twice as long. But wait till you hit the 60's! At this point, I don't give a hoot any more. Take me as I am!

Just Mom :




I can so relate. Gotta love being 40 and fabulous.

kdwhorses :

That is why I go natural and do not worry about all that stuff!! I wash my face with Neutronga soap and follow with a mostrizuer with some SPF in it. I figure they are either going to like me or not, why waste all that time! Have a great and blessed day!

Jenny :

Too funny! I'm heading there myself and I'm afraid of what I will have to do daily! I do good to get the little I do now done.
But I guess the other choice is not to grand!

justabeachkat :

Oh Girl! I sooo know what you mean! It's never-ending! Cute post!


Shawna :

I think they have a special product for everything!!

workinthatpreppy :

okay...turned 43 today...i am seriously on blood pressure meds, and a hormone patch! i feel great though and i am so happy to be alive.

Staci :

Awww...you look great, Jill!! I'm only 30 and when that happened my body began to fall apart! I guess 40 is REALLY something to look forward to!

julie :

This post made me laugh. I am 43 and I totally agree. I just had my chin waxed because I had one hair that kept growing in and my daughter kept pointing it out. She is really just so helpful. lol.


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