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I made my very first trip to Sonic yesterday.

I was all excited about ordering some sort of Diet Coke concoction poured over the Sonic ice everyone is talking about.


It was pouring rain and I could hardly read the sign at the drive-thru.

So I just ordered a Diet Coke and went on my merry way.

So, please help.

Tell me what you order at Sonic.

I'd love to try your suggestions.


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

I haven't eaten at Sonic since high school. I look forward to reading the suggestions!

Melene@Sing For Joy :

Diet Coke w/ Lime AND Vanilla

Diet Cherry Coke

Unsweet Tea-and I usually add splenda to it. It's not too strong and the ice makes it SOOOO good. And between 2 and 4 pm, it's cheap!

Beth :

I don't eat there often, but I am a creature of habit. I usually get a coney with chili and onions (because I LOVE onions!), tater tots and a Cream Slush (some berry flavor). The mini banana splits they had last summer were quite tasty too.

Ummm. Now I'm getting hungry. Rats. I'm at work :-(

Vader's Mom :

Diet Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper

Of course, for lunch we love the grilled cheese sandwich, small tater tots, and a large sweet tea.


Hipmomofboyz :

Diet coke with vanilla,(really anything you can pour over their awesome ice, that what I am addicted to)
I just came across your blog and it is really cute...

Mandy :

Cherry Limeade. Yummy!


annie :

always order extra ice!
and add cherry to your diet coke!
they make great bacon cheeseburgers and tator tots with cheese... if you want to gain 15 pounds try that!

Susan :

My favor is rootbeer floats.

Linda :

Diet Cherry Limeaide and cheddar peppers with ranch dressing.... so good!

Nadine :

I loved reading everyone's favorites. A Sonic just opened not too long ago but the lines were too long. We still haven't had a chance to go. But another one is opening up a few blocks away. I'm jazzed and now I know what to get - Diet Cherry Limeade sounds yummy.

Just Mom :

Strawberry-banana smoothies. Yum!

Shari :

I've tried the cherry limeade and the strawberry limeade. In my opinion, the strawberry limeade beats the cherry by a mile!

Alida :

Well, last year on furlough I was able to order a raspberry limeade!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane :

Oh my, a subject near and dear to my heart! We love Sonic and have eaten most everything they have. We like Diet Coke with cherry added and I've even gotten chocolate added and I like that too. I love their Cherry Limeades, their Cream Slushes and most all of their Blasts.

We like most all of the food too, and usually try to check out their monthly or semi-monthly new stuff they will put on the menu. Some of the better ones they add to the regular menu, like toaster sandwiches and stuff.

Have fun, good food, just not the best for you :)

kdwhorses :

Well let's see you need to try the Cherry Limeade and the Lemon Berry slush! (it has real fruit in it!) Yum-o!! Of course the little cowgirl loves the cheese sticks!

Carrie :

Oh but where do I begin? LOL I took one of my girlfriends to Sonic on Saturday, too. It was also her first trip. She says she is now addicted.

As far as beverages go - I ALWAYS order the cherry-limeade. You must try it.

All of their burgers are good. And the cheddar peppers are fabulous (they do have a kick to them though).

Shoot. Now I want to go back there.

You just can't beat it.

Jenny :

OK we have a Sonic I pass on my way home, I may have to stop and have a try of this famous ice!


Scarlet O'Kara :

The cherry limeade!

melissa :

I have NEVER been to a Sonic! I am looking at all the suggestions posted here too - thanks!


workinthatpreppy :

especially in the summer, i have a diet cherry limeade...large or sometime rt. 66! my children order the cheese sticks of popcorn chicken...

Lisa @ Take90West :

I always get a cherry Coke with extra ice. I love that chippy ice!
And the tots are good too, but I don't eat there very often because I usually feel sick afterwards, between the grease and the salt!
Love their Cokes though!

Shawna :

You had never been to Sonic! We go 1-2 times a month. I like the Cherry Limeade or diet Cherry Limeade, but we mostly go for the ice cream. My favorite blast is cookies-n-cream, but the chocolate cream pie shake is great, too (if you like coconut).

Knit-Wit :

Never been to a Sonic. I'm not even sure where I would be able to find one.

Sonya :

I like cherry limeade, which is funny because cherry is not my favorite thing! Hubby loves diet coke with vanilla added.

jeanetta :

omg! you've never been to a sonic before!

I love the limeades or a vanilla dr. pepper. the cream slushes are devine. get an orange one its just like a creamcicle.

CR :

Love Sonic's ice! I've heard the cheese fries are good too!

Tonja :

As I posted about once, I always order a diet cherry coke with extra cherry...if they do it right it is delicious. And by right I mean add extra syrup. But, if some snotty little teenager thinks she is being cute and puts 14...14! whole cherries in your cup, it's not the best!

My boys love their cherry limeaid.

We all love the grilled cheese or the grilled bacon and cheese. It is done on Texas Toast. And, they have these new little cinnamion bite thingies that are divine!

Jennifer (mom of four) :

We love Sonic. From 2-4 its half price drinks. So I always get the Lemon Berry slush. It is fantastic. Get the Route 44 It is huge and will last a long time.

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