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Lisa at Take 90 West did this neat meme and I thought I'd do it, too.

Where is your cell phone? In my car; charging. I charge it every night. Except for last night when I plugged it in but not far enough, and the battery was nearly dead today.

Your significant other? Red. Hot. Smokin'. On the deck drinking red wine.

Your hair? On a scale of 1-10 about an 8. It was a 9 this morning before all the running around. Since I got my Spornette brush and Chi flat iron last week, I've had some really good hair if I do say so myself.

Your mother? Living in Iowa. 81 years on this earth. Precious to me in every way.

Your father? Passed away August 25, 1996. Almost 12 years ago. Hard to believe.

Your favorite thing? It's a tie between kissing my husband when I walk in the door and sweeping my son into my arms after a long day at work.

Your dream last night? Terrifying. I was trying to get to Adam in his room and I couldn't. I have a lot of dreams like that. I think it comes with being a mama.

Your favorite drink? Fountain Diet Coke with lots of ice.

Your dream/goal? To see our children grow up to be happy with the life they have, whatever it may be.

The room you’re in? Our library

Your ex? Don't have one.

Your fear? One of our kids dying. I think about it too often and sometimes it almost stifles me.

Where do you want to be in 6 years? If I had my druthers, somewhere out west on a large ranch.

Where were you last night? At home.

What you’re not? Voting for Hillary.

Muffins? Ummmm...if a blueberry or bran were set in front of me on any given morning, I'd probably eat it. Otherwise, it doesn't cross my mind.

One of your wish list items? A Range Rover

Where you grew up? A tiny town in Iowa. Population 1200. And my mom was the City Clerk for 27 years and knew pretty much everything about all 1200.

The last thing you did? Gave my son a bath.

What are you wearing? Navy yoga pants and a t-shirt.

Your TV? New 32" plasma. Hanging in our kitchen/keeping room.

Your pets? A big NO THANK YOU. Don't do pets.

Your computer? It gets a lot of use and minds its manners.

Your life? Blessed. Hectic. Full. More than I'd hoped for.

Your mood? Content and happy. Will be happier in about 10 minutes when I eat an ice cream sandwich and tune into the Housewives of NYC Reunion.

Missing someone? Not particularly.

Your car? Paid for.

Something you’re not wearing? Wouldn't you like to know?

Favorite store? JCrew. Their pants fit me right off the rack. Every time. And their shoes..heaven.

Your summer? Starting with a beach trip and it can't come soon enough.

Like someone? I like everyone until they give me a reason not to. I've never been one to judge someone based on other people's opinion.

Your favorite color? Depends on what the item is, but overall I'd say black.

When is the last time you laughed? Within the last hour.

Last time you cried? Sunday night when I was laying down with Adam thinking about his little life and how much light he's brought to us.

Who will repost this? Come on.... join in!


Judy :

Jill: I come to you by way of Rhoda (Southern Hospitality). I love your blog, so funny and REAL! Please visit me at



Susan :

Enjoyed this, Jill.

annie :

I did this too!
I forgot the Housewives of NY is on tonight!

Amber Kay :

I'm SO glad that you like your chi!!

Lisa @ Take90West :

As meme's go, that was a fun one, wasn't it?!
I loved all your answers and a Range Rover or a Land Rover is my dream car too. Followed closely by a Volvo wagon. (What a dork I am!) But I have too many kids. Someday, though!
The CHI rocks, I may have to investigate the brush, I've never heard of it.

justabeachkat :

A fun read!


Nadine :

Nice job. I enjoyed reading it.

Just Mom :

"What you’re not? Voting for Hillary."


Melene@Sing For Joy :

I just got this as an email yesterday and every answer could only be one word! I like your version better and I'll try to get it on my blog, soon!

Leigh of :

Ohhhh! I will have to do this one on my blog. I'll share the link love when I do it.

kdwhorses :

Very cute!

Knit-Wit :

It's a mom thing. I used to dream about my little one falling and I'd sit up in bed trying to catch her before I'd realize it was a dream.

Tonja :

Oh, I enjoyed reading this, my friend. Reading all your answers, a person might just think you are happy, contented and blessed!

I heard you say amen!

Silver Bell Cottage :

Had fun visiting. Will return for sure. Have a lovely Sunday.

Susan :

This is a great meme, Jill! I didn't know we were related in the "fountain Diet Coke" club...make mine Sonic and I'm even happier.

And yeah, I share your "fear"...when I allow myself to think about that, I get so frustrated. I know I have to give each of them to God each and every day.

:-) Susan

Dianne :

Great answers, Jill...I loved reading them.

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