Date Night


Last Saturday Doug and I had a date night. For the love of babysitters named Emily, we were in dire need of some time together.

We decided to go to Horseradish Grill, a great place to eat at the edge of the Buckhead area of Atlanta. We love it for many reasons:

1. Their martinis

2. Their shrimp and grits appetizer (excuse me while my mouth waters a little)

3. The ambiance. It's kinda casual/ kinda dressy. And I love the saying at the bottom of their wine list: "If you're feelin' your oats, hold your horses. We'll be happy to call you a carriage."

4. It's where we celebrated our first anniversary. We even sat in the same booth this time.

Here we are on New Year's Eve 2004. I remember it distinctly. They were serving free samples of some sort of (strong) liquor and of course we each had one. I also remember that I was wearing a size six skirt and it was a tad too big. (*sigh*)

Now....ahem... things have changed a little.
The print on the menus is so much smaller.

"Honey, if we eat fast maybe we can swing by Victoria's Secret on our way home."

And something about that skirt seems so much smaller, too.

"What's that darling? I can't hear you see the menu imagine that we'd be done by 9 o'clock."

Oh well, bring on the shrimp and grits!

And we were safely home in our stall by 10 o'clock. Amen.


Susan :

Awwww...sounds like a nice evening out. Did you say "shrimp and grits"??? sounds interesting.



Tammy :

This was so cute, Jill! Oh yeah... you've so aged in these last four years! LOL
I wish I didn't relate to the small print thing so much, though...;)

Our anniversary is the 22 and though we won't be able to go out that night, we're hoping to have a date night perhaps the weekend after.

And speaking of celebrations, my little baby is turning 6 tomorrow...sigh...

Knit-Wit :

Sounds like a fun restaurant.

kdwhorses :

What a great evening together! The food sounds fablous!

Buford Betty :

Oh what fun! Do you know I have never been there... I drive by it fairly often and I'm always like - yeah need to go there. And just never have. It's on the to-do list!

Didn't realize you had a shop on Miami Circle - how fun! Yeah the traffic is crazy - I'm sure you're loving having that new shopping center.

Melissa in Mel's World :

Shrimp and Grits?!?!?!? Hum, I am going to have to trust you on that one!

I love it when you and dear hubby go out and take pics for all of us to join you!!!

Tonja :

Sound like you old geezers really enjoyed yourselves! And, it is a good thing you are keping a good record of these celebrations by blogging,,,in a few years you will forget all these details. This year will be 35 for us...35!!!!and sometimes I don't even remember his name! :)

Just Mom :

LOL. Funny how we *ahem* change over the years.

Love your sense of humor -- and the fact that you like martinis too. :-D

Nadine :

It's so nice to get away and have a date night. I'm glad you were able to. Your post made me smile - I love how entertaining you are when you tell a story.

Tracey Kirksey :

sounds like fun! Shrimp and's a southern 'thang isn't it!

That picture of you with the glasses on cracks me up! Too cute!

Enjoy the weekend!

Joanne@ Blessed... :


My first stop by and I was glad to catch a night out post. I am home with my four children and babysitting my three nieces which makes, NINE kids here this evening for a sleepover.

Your dinner looked just lovely...ahhhhhh, forgive my jealousy.

Joanne@ Blessed... :

Oops, I meant SEVEN kids!

Boy, I am more tired than I thought.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

Yea for date nights!

We went out Friday night and I ordered a shrimp and cheese grits entree. It was decadently rich, but oh so good. And honestly? We swung by the liquor store to pick up some wine and were home by 9. ;)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

Hi, Jill! That was fun to read, love those shrimp and grits myself too.

And I loved seeing all your snazzy clothes. I'm not surprised you dress like that being the style maven you are. Great looking jewelry & shoes, if you lived closer, I might have to borrow. Just kiddin! Just catching up with you.


Linda :

Date night? What's that? I am so glad that you guys could get away. Hopefully my hubby and I will too soon. Thanks for sharing the menu sort of made me feel like I was there...

Susan :

I've always loved your sense of humor. Glad you 2 love birds got a night out.

justabeachkat :

Oh yum - Martinis and Shrimp & Grits! Cute photos.


Jody :

OK, anything with horseradish in the name has to be good. Mmmm...

My Doug & I need a noght out without the kids. Hopefully soon...

Sandy :

You are funny, Jill!
Love it!

Leigh of :

How cute! Congrats to you on a happy marriage. So sweet!

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