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Earlier this week when I read about Big Mama's Fashion Fiesta, I started to mentally sort through my closet since Melanie said the Fiesta should be all about "keepin' it real" and showing what we wear every day.

Let me just interject here that I'm a full-time working gal so I read Big Mama, and many other blogs, while I drink coffee at my desk first thing in the morning. Forget The Wall Street Journal know...emails pertaining to work. I start my day with my Internet Friends. And, really, is there anything better at 9am than American Idol recaps, decorating tips and stories of kids gone wild?

I don't think so.

And, also let me interject that I do most of my blog writing at work because, well...I have kids gone wild at my house.

It's hard enough for me to concentrate when I'm by myself, let alone when I'm trying to write a brilliant blog post and I've got a two-year old begging to watch "Wheels on the Bus" on YouTube.

Back to my closet...

During the week I have to dress up. You see, I sell antique art and frames and other designer-ish stuff for people's homes. And those designers - they're sticklers for how you look. If you want to wade into a pool of superficial, try working in the design world.

Forget the book honey. It's all about the cover.

So, I thought I'd show you some of the outfits I wore this week. I included jewelry just because I love it and think it really pulls an outfit together. The large majority of my jewelry collection is gifts from my mom. I also have one Judith Ripka thick silver 18" chain that I mix and match with almost everything. And I have an 18" strand of large pearls that I wear at least twice a week...even with denim.

Top and pants J Crew, shoes BCBG Max Azria from Piperlime.

Shirt from Target, jacket from JCrew several seasons ago, skirt from TJ Maxx , shoes from Macy's.
Top from GapBody (it's actually a beach cover-up), pants from Banana Republic, shoes from Ann Taylor Loft.
Suit from Banana Republic, shirt from JCrew, shoes from Nordstrom
I'm tall (5'9") with long arms and legs. I primarily shop at Banana Republic and JCrew because their regular length pants usually fit me right off the rack. I love JCrew's slim cut oxford shirts because they're not bulky under jackets and the sleeves are long enough for me, too. And I don't think you can beat a good suit from Banana Republic. Their patterns are timeless, they fit great and the price point is good. I do have both JCrew and Banana charge cards because you get cash back based on how much you spend, and I figure since I'm spending anyway I might as well get the cash back. And, card holders get free alterations on all regular priced clothing.
Another thing that's saved me time and money is getting a personal shopper at each store I frequent. The higher end department stores like Neiman's and Sak's actually have official personal shoppers, but at other stores like JCrew and Banana it's just a matter of getting to know the sales people and asking one you think is really good to take down your style preferences, sizes, contact info, etc. I've saved tons of time and money this way.... I can't tell you the last time I paid full price for anything.
Back to my closet...
As my husband can attest, I'm a sucker for shoes.

And I just bought these cowboy boots from Sundance. They'll look great with jeans or long skirts. Speaking of jeans, I own several pair, but only two that fit me really well. Unlike a lot of people, I don't really love jeans. I rarely wear them on the weekends and much of the year it's too hot for them here anyway.

What I do love to wear in warmer weather is sundresses. Cool and cute. The red toile I got last year at Marshall's. The yellow and green I picked up last week at TJ Maxx for under $20.

I also have several skirts that I wear with short-sleeved T's or polos. I love the layering T's this year at Target. I wear both the dresses and skirts with flip-flops...of course! The white skirt on the right is from Target and the other two are from Harold's.

On the weekends if the weather is cooler, I wear either black yoga pants from Target (they come in tall sizes!) or casual pants like these with a logo T and a wrap sweater that I can take off later in the day if it gets warm enough. I love Skeecher's for weekend wear.

There you have it! A peek inside my closet. I'm anxious to see what everyone has to share. Thanks so much for stopping by! And thanks, Big Mama, for hosting this fun Fiesta!


Just Mom :

Oh my! Loving your wardrobe! Almost -- I said almost -- makes me want to go back in to the workforce. Still enjoying my knits and my cropped pants, though.

Lauren :

What a great wardrobe you've got! I would absolutely wear everything you have!

The 5 Bickies :

Thank you for the tour of your closet...that was FUN! Gave me some ideas for mixing and matching. I love the range of clothes that you mix and match from Tory Burch to Target...that's great. I also am going to try to wear my pearls with other necklaces. So many great ideas. I also want to run to TJ Maxx and find the green it!

Thanks for taking the time to photograph and share!

Elaine A. :

Wow, you have a beautiful wardrobe, and I love all your shoes. Thanks for sharing with us!

Tonja :

Oh, to be tal and thin instead of short and dumpy! :) But... I am what I am. I love the wardrobe! I love a denim jacket with just about anything! The shoes are all great. Even though I am short, I also am old...too old for high heels, plus the joints are not in the best of shape anymore,,,I happen to LOVE flats though. They have always ben my fav shoe...along with a funky pair of sneakers. Loved it all! You are looking good!

justabeachkat :

Love every single pair of shoes. If they're 8-1/2, you can send them my way when you get tired of them. LOL

Everything looks good.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Traceytreasure :

I saw that you mentioned the fact that you haven't read the Da Vinci Code in Lisa's comments. I absolutely loved it. I read the illustrated version because I've never traveled abroad. I loved it! I'm just saying...I don't think that you'd regret it. The book was much better than the movie. IMO...BTW...Love your blog and your wardrobe!

Nadine :

You have great taste in clothes. I love the way you put your outfits together.

justabeachkat :

Stop by when you get a chance. I'm passing on an award to all the "B" Club Members.


Lori :

I love your style. Especially your shoes!

I too blog while at work - shhh! don't tell anyone!

Sandra :

Oh I LOVE your wardrobe, I think I would be in heaven wearing those clothes :)

Susan :

My goodness...that's a great post. I love shoes, too! I have tried to narrow it down in the past few years though.



Leigh of :

Your closet rocks. I so want everything. I LOVE those boots! And the red skirt from TJ Maxx. I love that you told where to buy. So kind! Seriously, yous has been the closet I am most envious of. I enjoyed stopping by your blog. I hope you will come and visit my fashion fiesta!

*carrie* :

Cute stuff, Jill! Would you be willing to share the source of the wrap sweater? Looks comfy but still stylish.

Knit-Wit :

Honey... You are not tall. I am 6 ft. tall. I have the hardest time finding clothes that fit me.

Love your wardrobe. Mine isn't very exciting, although I did buy a stylin' black dress to wear for the symphony and I'm in the process of ordering a fencing jacket. :)

Angi :

OK, I am so like you in the aspect that I blog and read blogs at work, well - because of kids and housework waiting for me when I get home.
But -while your shoes are TOTALLY cute -I so could NOT wear them all day - heels like that kill my feet! I've always wondered if people who wear shoes like that all day are in constant pain/discomfort??!!

Susan :

I have access to a computer so stopped by to visit. Glad I did. I loved this. You are one classy gal.....coarse I knew that already!!

Caffeine Court :

Wow-I love your taste! If you lived in New Jersey I'd ask you to be my personal shopper!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

I love love your clothes!

I'd ask to borrow something but I am a shorty. ;)

I'm big on mixing things from Ann Taylor to Wal-Mart (their George brand is actually very cute.)

Lisa @ Take90West :

I love everything! (I've been trying to comment on this post since last Friday when you posted it, but OHHH Blogger...drives me nuts. I had old/new blogger sign in issues.) favorite outfit is the denim jacket with the red skirt...that is so me!
You have such great taste, and I'm impressed you use the personal shopper. I'm a little too intimidated to do that, but I imagine it would be awesome!

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