Things I Thought About While Suffering From the Bubonic Plague


* It's so cold in here.

* It's so hot in here.

* I wonder who holds the world record for throwing up the most times in one day?

* Can't they do anything without me at work?

* What if they don't even miss me at work?

* Oprah's really gained weight. Just goes to show, even when you have billions, potato chips still hold the power.

* I miss hugging my husband.

* I miss hugging my kids.

* Wonder what the fresh flowers from Saturday look like now?

* I hope everyone has clean underwear.

* At this very moment I'd be the perfect candidate for "What Not to Wear".

* Aaaaahhhh... Sunkist Orange Soda!

* Will I ever be able to eat at Moe's again?

* I swear food is mentioned every 1.7 seconds during commercials.

* Dog food commercials are the worst.

* Who knew, "Honey I won't do any laundry until you've taken a nice hot bath" could sound so sweet.

* I could be reading except it hurts to move my eyes.

* Aaaahhhh.... Ice chips!

* Will this night ever end?

* Thank you, God, this is only temporary.

* Thank you for health insurance.

* Enough of the bird chirping, already.

* I guess I'll change it up today and move from the bed to the sofa.

* It's so hot in here.


justabeachkat :

Oh Jill! Bless your heart. I sure hope IT doesn't come my way.

Funny post though. You do have a way with words that makes us "see" it all too clearly. LOL


Knit-Wit :

I'm sorry you are feeling so miserable. But I'm glad to see your sense of humor is still intact. I love the Oprah comment.

Amber Kay :

Even when you feel like crap...there's nothing like a Sunkist to make you feel at least a little better!

Just Mom :

"Oprah's really gained weight. Just goes to show, even when you have billions, potato chips still hold the power."


I'm assuming you're feeling better now.

Momma Roar :

I hope you are able to enjoy the weekend!!!

melissa :

Hope you are feeling better, Jill!


Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit :

Just came across your blog today...spent some time looking around, I love it! Hope you are feeling better soon!
Have a Happy Mother's Day :)

Ang baylis :

Hi, Jill!
It's Angie, and you aren't going to believe this, but your blog showed up this evening and I'm so excited! I wanted to hurry and post a comment just in case it disappears again. I wanted to tell you that about a week or so again, a friend of mine (she lives in Texas and I live in Michigan) and I spent a VERY long time admiring your post on Spring outfits. I couldn't see your post so she had to copy and paste it to an e-mail. We studied your outfits for almost an hour and we are obsessed with your style! You are so so cool! You should give classes! Thanks for sharing with us! Anyway, just wanted you to know how much we appreciate you!
Much love,
Angie xoxo

p.s. Hope you are feeling better!

Lisa @ Take90West :

Ouch. You sound miserble. I hope you are feeling better soon. Try to have a Happy Mother's Day! :)
You cracked me up with the potato chip comment...I haven't seen Oprah in forever. I'll have to take a peek next week!

Kim :

Hope you are feeling better soon! That sounds bad! Your sense of humor is cute, though! : )

Sonya :

LOL! I hope you are feeling better. Isn't it funny, the things we think of when we're sick! LOL!

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