Coats, Coats, Coats


One of my favorite wardrobe pieces is an overcoat. Here in the South, we don't have a need for heavy coats because it just doesn't get very cold. However, light to mid-weight coats are a must in the winter months and I'm a sucker for them. I'm tall, so I can wear longer length coats with no problem. Plus, they hide a myriad of flaws (but who's counting?)

Even though we're about to enter the hot, hazy, humid days of summer, this happens to be the time of year I buy a new coat or two (or three....or.....).
I get most of my coats during the Summer Sale at Nordstrom.
Here are a few that** just might** be hanging in my closet as we speak:

I love the little ruffle at the hem. And the color is divine, don't you think?

The gathers at the waist make this one very flattering.

Does this say, "Take me to New York to see the Christmas lights!" or what?

And this tailored number will be perfect next spring.
Now I think I need a couple bags to go with them.


melissa :

Jill, I love each and every one of these! I wish I had the opportunity to wear overcoats more often, but living in Florida, it just doesn't happen!
BTW, J Crew also has a darling coat on sale right now, with ruffles ;)


annie :

I love them all!!!

Just Mom :

Oh, how I miss Nordstrom and their sales. When we lived in the Northwest, I would visit Nordy's almost every weekend. The closest one to me now is about 5 hours away. :-(

I still have my card, though, and order online sometimes. :-D

Beautiful coats, btw.

i'm kelly :

i love coats & these are darling! sooo cute.

Susan :

All very nice. I personally hate coats and absolutely will not wear one unless it is almost freezing. Don't ask me why!!!

Kari :

They are all gorgeous coats, especially that first one - what a pretty color. I always love the look of coats, but, I just do not like to wear them unless I absolutely have to. My family makes fun of me, because in the winter, not only do I hate to wear a coat, but, I also run around the house barefooted (I hate socks, too LOL)

lisa :

i love it when you post pictures of your wardrobe/ideas. you have such great taste! please continue to share with us. those coats are great! off to take a peak on line.

Susan :

Oh I hope you get a great deal. I love Nordstroms!! What fun.


Tonja :

I love them...all! And yes, you do need bags to match them all...and shoes, too, I think!

We have no need for a coat but maybe 2 or 3 days in the rarely gets cold enough to wear more than a sweater.

Buford Betty :

I am totally a coat freak too!!! Sometimes I don't even get through them all in our "winters" but I do love me a good coat. :-)

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