A Couple Tips


As I was working on my to-do list over the long Memorial Day holiday, a couple tricks I use time and time again really came in handy:

I always keep on hand one of those "cans of air" used to clean computers. They are great for cleaning artificial plants, window blinds and anything else that is hard or tedious to clean with a rag. Don't know what it does to the ozone layer, but at least my fake plants are clean.

I'm in the art and framing business, so I know most good frame shops double wire larger pieces of art so they won't slip and move on the wall. However, smaller pieces are not usually double wired.

As a solution, I buy the pre-cut squares of adhesive Velcro. I attach one side in the middle of the bottom of the artwork, and then stick the other side, adhesive side out, to the piece a;ready on the art. Then simply hang it on your nail and gently press the bottom of the art to the wall. The sticky side of the second piece of Velcro will stick to the wall and you've got yourself a great way to keep the art from moving.

I've got lots of wall space to fill, and one of the prettiest and most economical ways to do that is with plates. I love to comb the shelves at TJ Maxx or Homegoods. You can often find really pretty plates for less than $4 each. Here's the wall in the hallway between our kitchen and living room. Total cost of this project was $20.

But I won't tell you how many times I had to pound nails in the wall to get them to all line up. My bag of tricks ends there.


Jillian :

Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks! I too, love plates. Yours are so nice and colorful.


Melissa @ Breath of Life :

They are beautiful. I have a lot of plates around, too...on plate racks, though.

I don't dare hang things. My hubby has to have the level and tape measure in hand when hanging things on the wall. It's quite the process!

annie :

Great tips! Love the plates too!

Tonja :

Great ideas! I use velcro alot. At our school that is the only thing we are allowed to use on the walls. Did you know you can find the smaller 'dots' of velcro now?

Loved the pic of Adam! He is a real ham!

Enjoy your weekend!

Linda :

Those are so pretty. I don't have any plates but am on the hunt for some so I will have to try out tjmax. I love the tip on keeping your picture from moving. Thanks!

i'm kelly :

thanks for all the tips! i love hanging plates too!

Susan :

I am notorious for eyeballing where I want something then pounding the nail only to find I have to move it.

I love the plates and the tip.


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