Wild Child


You know your child is a bit - shall we say "rambunctious" - when you tell your husband you put the key under the doormat for the carpet cleaners and he thinks you said the kid is under the doormat with the scissors.


Melissa @ Breath of Life :

When I first read your title, I thought it said "With Child"! Sorry...obviously the coffee hasn't kicked in yet ;-)

Is this a case of wild child, or hubby's selective hearing? In my home, I'd really have to ponder that one!

Short Stop :

Oh, SO funny. So, you have a wild one, too? Whew...I was beginning to think I was the only one.

Tracey Kirksey :

He is growing up so fast! I've enjoyed catching up on your blog and seeing all the photos and the funny things he has said! I loved the post where you put him down for a nap and he kept trying to get your attention with all the excuses! Too cute and reminds me of Zack when he was that age! My Dad would always tell him, "Zack, you're gonna grow up to be a lawyer!" ha ha!

Hope all is well and you enjoy the summer! I'll try to do better with checking in on ya!

An Iowa Mom :

That is hilarious. Sounds like something that might happen here.

The Mrs. :

So cute!!!

Susan :

Jill, you make me laugh!!!!!

Jenn :

AHAHAHAHAHAHA that's funny stuff!

Just Mom :

LOL. Happens here to. :-/

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