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Welcome to a new little weekly feature. Since I've been blogging I've learned about so many neat things (books, make-up, clothes, websites, events) through other peoples' referrals.

I often come across something in my own life that I think is really great and I think, "I should blog about that." (sound familiar?)

So, each Friday I'll be telling you about a few of my favorite things. None of these are paid sponsorships and I'll only be writing about things I've experienced first-hand.

If you have hair like me (thick, coarse, wavy), the summer heat and humidity is not your friend. There's the song by my good friend Sara Evans that says, "Straight hair girls they all want curls and the brunettes want to be blonde." I've got the blonde thing down, but I'm one of those curly girls who wants to be straight. Thanks to a recommendation from Amber, I invested in a Chi flat iron and my hair woes went bye-bye. It smooths, straightens and doesn't snag my hair like many of the cheaper irons.

This weekend only...and only in stores: It's the JCrew Summer Sale. Up to 50% off. Can you ever have too many tissues tees or sundresses? I think not.

Zone Perfect protein bars now come in dark chocolate. Oh my stars! If only working out was this heavenly.

Thanks to my sweet husband for sharing this video of a father and son love story that will touch your heart. Grab the Kleenex. 5:47 minutes long.

Happy Friday.


Angi :

I just might have to try out that flat iron - I've always been scared of them and burning my hair.

Tricia :

I am one of those straight hair girls who wants the curls!! I get a perm at least once a year....I sooo looked like a drowned rat with straight hair!

Lauren :

My sister was thinking of trying the chi. I will tell her how much you like yours.

Enjoy your weekend!

Just Mom :


I love reading about other people's recommendations.

btw ... i have never wanted to be a blonde. i've always wanted to be a redhead.

justabeachkat :

Oh, I've gotta try the dark chocolate Zone bar. Yum!

The video was amazing. Very touching. Thanks for sharing.


The Momster :

I love it when people share what really works for them! Note taken on the CHI... I may need one for what the humidity is doing to my hair lately.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Tammy :

How fun, Jill! This is a great idea to share what works!

I am amazed how many gals with curly locks want have straight...I don't do it anymore, but through my 20's and half my 30's, I got a perm every four months! Sometimes it looked great...but other time, not so much! ;)

Lynne :

You and I must have the same hair! Which model Chi did you get? I've been using Shelby's flat iron, but I really need a good one of my own.

Nadine :

I like this concept. I too have very curly hair. I've been keeping it straight. I have another iron someone gave me that works, but I've hear the chi is the best.

Have a nice weekend.

Lisa writes... :

From a straight haired brunette who always wanted curls (and who incidentally has never wanted to be a blonde and even now curses her highlights for being too light, imagine that)...love this post! A great idea I may have to incorporate over my way...and by the way, thanks for your visit and comment on my site!


kdwhorses :

Will have to try the Zone bar, sounds delish!

the mama monster :

jill- i lost your address! i need to get it before tomorrow so that i can send your package off. my email is jacquelynbateman@hotmail.com
by the way i love the chi irons too! my sister is a hairstylist and she loves them too.

Amber Kay :

Oh! Oh! Oh! I LOVE my Chi. It's the best thing, EVER!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

I am also one of those straight haired girls wanting curls!

Dionna :

I'm one of those straight haired girls who should have been born with curls. :)

Kari :

Wow! That video was such an amazing story. Thanks for sharing.

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