Banging My Head with Atlanta's Finest


I guess I should know I have a retail therapy problem when I am pulled over by one of Atlanta's Finest and instead of handing him my driver's license and registration I hand him my American Express Platinum Card and registration.

I had a bit of a tizzy trying to find that darn registration. But the platinum problem at all. I whipped open my billfold and slid that sucker out in one smooth move.

It did garner a laugh from the patrol officer, which was all I needed to begin spinning my woeful tale about honestly not seeing the speed limit sign! and oh, no I was not speeding on purpose, sir!

After he came back to my car to announce he was only giving me a warning and to watch myself because next time I would not be so lucky, he laughed again.

You just don't strike me as someone who would listen to AC/DC, he snickered.

In my haste I had forgotten to turn off my music.

Guess you never can tell. Can't judge a book by its cover, I replied.

But I was thinking: Watch it with the snickering, Mister. I may have to don my leather and pull out the nunchucks and chains. Don't mess with the Suburban Speeder. I let you off easy this time, but next time you might not be so lucky.

Back in Black isn't just the new fall wardrobe theme at Sak's.

Rock on everyone.

Just keep your pedal separate from your metal (or should I say platinum?).


Tonja :

O how funny! AC/DC ! I have enjoyed catching up on you. Loved the pic of Adam on the couch...too cute! And I know what you mean about those cards. They just seem to jump out of their spot and into my hand before I can blink!
Like the fav things post, too.

Just Mom :

Oh, Jill, this is too funny!

I get in to automatic mode too with the credit card.


Momma Roar :

This so so funny! I can totally relate!

I may be able to sew, but you can talk yourself out of a ticket far better than I! ;-)

Tammy :

What a cute story, Jill! I'll have to remember to whip out my credit card next time I get stopped...:)

Pink in a sea of blue :

I had both of my kids at Piedmont Hospital in ATL. Do you know hubby and I both got HOV violations on ramp to I-75 at Collier/Piedmont Rd on same day after a dr appt? I had been entering I-75 in middle of bridge onto HOV lane unintentionally for years. Did not know you had to loop around on other side! Wish I/we had had your luck then! AC/DC "Shook me all night long" was our sorority's theme song! Not sure if that's good or not. :)

The Mrs. :

That is the funnest thing ever!!!

Nadine :

Too funny. I love this story. I would have loved to seen his face when he realized what you were listening to. I have talked my way out of a ticket - once or twice, but you did it with such style.

Lauren :

That is so funny! I am glad you were given a warning.

Enjoy your weekend!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

So funny! Glad you got off with a warning!

justabeachkat :

Still chuckling here picturing his face when you whipped out your American Express!!!!!!!!!!


jeanetta :

Did you give him the classic rock concert toungue sticking out and devil horns hand signal as he was leaving too. :)
you should hear all the kids singing their hearts out to "you shook me" as i pull up to drop them off at vbs. that garnished some looks let me tell you. lol/

kdwhorses :

Too cute!
I love all kinds of music! You rock on AC/DC! Back in Black rocks!

Angi :

You are too funny! Good thing you're not in jail for trying to bribe him!

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