Hush Little Baby


One night this week after a particularly trying day at work, I was attempting to get Adam settled in to eat dinner.

A thunderstorm was raging outside, while inside my little guy was being anything but cooperative.

Finally I said, What do you get from Mommy when you're acting up and not doing what I say?

(hint: a spanking)

And my rambunctious little boy answered, A mocking bird!

Just so it doesn't sing. I can't take any more noise in the house.


Pink in a sea of blue :

Kids kill me with their thought processes. That was hilarious! Love your blog's new look!

Pearls To Hide My Neck :

I LOVE THAT! What a cutie pie. I wish I had written down all the funny things mine said through the years. I could actually see my name on a book jacket.
I love the new layout. I need to do something with mine.

Sandra :

LOL I swear kids say the funniest things :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

I thought I was at the wrong blog! Love the new look & it's definitely YOU. Now I'll have to change your link name on my blog. Very cute!


Nadine :

I love your new look. It's great.

Kids are funny. I love how their minds work.

justabeachkat :

Hi there! My Mom and Aunt left this morning so I'm having fun catching up with everyone...finally!

I love love love your new look! Very cool! I thought somehow you had been deleted from my Bloglines. I had to get to you through my favorites on my sidebar on my blog and then tried to enter you in Bloglines again. They said you were already there. I looked again for your old name. Not there. Hmmmm....then I thought to look for Jillian, Inc. and there you were. I'm away for a few days and things change. LOL Gonna go now and change you on my sidebar.


Susan :

Oh my goodness....don't you just love their thinking? It's hard not to laugh at those things when you were aiming for serious, isn't it???

CR :

Too funny. I hope you found some peace and quiet!

Steph :

Isn't that funny?!
I love the new look! At first I thought I was at the wrong blog! Looks great!

The Mrs. :

So funny!!!!!! Love your blog!

Tammy :

Jill, just getting back from visiting my mom with the girls and trying to catch up...and WOW! Love your new look!

His comment was SO cute! :D


Tonja :

I'd say he is a pretty clever young out...they only get smarter...and sassier! :)

Linda :

Way too funny and I love the new look it is so fun!

Kari :

Too cute!

I love your new blog look - very cool!

kdwhorses :


Love the new look! Just great!

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