For years I've been a magazine junkie. I'd rather pay $10-$20 for a year's subscription to a magazine than the same amount of money to rent a few movies that I'll probably never see because the minute I (finally!) sit down at night I seem to nod off.

Most of my magazine subscriptions renew in January because at some point "subscribe to magazines" must have been a New Year's resolution.

Currently I subscribe to ten at home:

Cooking Light
Country Home
Country Living
Cowboys and Indians
Midwest Living
Real Simple
Southern Living

And get five more at work:

Architectural Digest
Atlanta Magazine
Traditional Home
Southern Accents

It's a feast of fashion, design, shopping, travel, food, books, advice and photos every single month.

I'd love to know what magazines you subscribe to. And do you have a favorite?


CR :

My all time favorite is Runner's World. That's the only one I get at home. For a while I got Relevant, another just neat magazine.

Mom on the Run :

I subscribe to Garden & Gun and Cooking Light. We get Food + Wine at the office (free from Amex). But I am a magazine slut--I buy one everytime I go to the grocery store or the bookstore (usually buy at least three at B&N). I buy Better Homes & Gardens, Health, Natural Health, Body + Soul, Traditional Home and Victoria every month. I also pick up Real Simple, Prevention, bon appetit, Southern Lady, Veranda, Southern Living, Town & Country, Martha Stewart Living, etc. on occasion. I should just subscribe, but then what would I buy when I'm out trolling?

Melissa @ Breath of Life :

Real Simple & Southern Living. RS is my fave.

Mandy :

My favorite is People and I look forward to getting it every Friday. Everyone knows that you don't touch my People until I have read it cover to cover.


Belle (from Life of a...) :

I adore magazines too. Let's see...I receive Southern Living, Country Home, Country Living, Coastal Living, Charleston Magazine and Charleston Home. I pick up Southern Lady every month and Real Simple most of the time. I buy Veranda and other style magazines for home and garden when I'm in a decorating mood.

The Mrs. :

You've got me beat sister! i thought I had a lot!!! LOL!

Amie :

I subscribe to Sunset and Domino. I love them both and clip articles and pics out of them all the time.

I'm I also read People and whatever else catches my eye in the way comfy loungers at our huge Barnes n' Noble for free!

duchess :

I am so with you on the magazine thing. It is serious self-control for me to leave a store without buying one.
As for the ones good enough to subscribe to....Southern Living and NC's Our State mag. Both are great.

Anonymous :

I love magazines! My favorite subscription is Entertainment Weekly (since I can't afford People--I check it out at the library). I also subscribe to Taste of Home, Vanity Fair, Midwest Living, Good Housekeeping, and Better Homes and Gardens.

Kristin in IA

Anonymous :

Hi Jillian. I have been enjoying your blog since early winter but have never left a comment...(that I can remember). My favorite magazines are Taste of Home and Farm and Ranch. I love reading the 4 diaries in F & R, which is probably why I enjoy my 25 "favorite" blogs, one of which is yours. Blessings from North Idaho. v

Nadine :

I love magazines, but don't currently subscribe. I use to get Taste of Home. I loved the recipes.

I'm a big book junkie though. I rather buy the book to read it than borrow it.

annie :

I get a bunch too, not sure when I ordered them so they are always a surprise. One in particular has been coming weekly for two months and I know I didn't order it. But, I like Real Simple and People a lot!

The 5 Bickies :

I get Southern Living, Traditional Home and House Beautiful. Oh, and I can't forget People. I love my People but hands my favorite is Southern Living. I love to see lists of magazines others enjoy!

Momma Roar :

You'd be any "Southern Living at Home" consultant's dream!! Hee hee (in case you don't know, SL@H is Southern Living's home party division - where you can make your home look like the a high cost! HA)

I, too, get Southern Living and Cooking Light. I've let my Family Fun subscription go...

I totally agree that I'd rather spend the money on the magazines than movies - but like movies, I don't get time to read the magazines...someday....sigh...LOL

pjmomof3boys :

I too am a magazine junkie, although upon finding issues that were 3 years old that I hadn't had time to read, I had to give up most subscriptions for a while until I could catch up! My favorites are Lasting Moments (scrapbooking mag), Real Simple, Family Fun, and Domino, but I really love to read just about anything. I used to read InStyle too, but I've decided I can barely keep up with the "real" people in my own life, let alone the lives of celebrities, so I've given that up...What's super fun for me is that I proofread some magazines and get to read them BEFORE THEY HIT THE STANDS. Kind of like a "behind-the-scenes" glimpse of the magazine world. Lately I've been proofing Figure--another great magazine!

andi :

I love Real Simple. I also get Southern Living and Simple & Delicious. I have really enjoyed looking at the Paula Dean magazine I got for my mother in law.

Tonja :

Well, currently, I have let all my subscriptions lapse until after we move. But, usually I subscribe to: More, Country Home, Country Living, Real Simple, Home Companion (Mary Englebrite). I usually pick up Southern Lady, Reader's Digest, Guideposts, Veranda, Domino, and People if the cover looks interesting.

Jillian, Inc :

This has been so much fun!
CP - I forgot that I also subscribe to Runner's World and love it!
Mom on the Run- I had no idea there was a magazine called Garden & Gun...mustcheck it out.
And I must also check out Domino, since many of you mentioned it.
Thanks for sharing.

Rebekah :

OK, wow, that's a lot of magazines! I love Real Simple, Southern Living & Country Living, too!

I subscribe to one magazine a year, because I just don't have the time for them like I really really wish I did... so instead I'll pick up an occasional copy at the half-price book store for $1...

This year, I've subscribed to Domino!

Lauren :

I am a magazine junkie too! I have never heard of Cowboys and Indians though.

Enjoy your week!

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