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Last weekend I decided I'd buy Abba's Greatest Hits CD, since Mama Mia is now on the big screen and all.

Plus, I needed to bring it down a notch or two from the whole AC/DC thing. A girl can only bang her head for so long.

I dare say I've been in late 1970's bliss driving to and from work this week. Every once in a while I have to check myself in the rear view mirror to make sure I don't have feathered hair and look 13 years old again.

I spent countless hours standing at my dresser piano, singing into the comb I carried in my back pocket microphone, dancing and performing to Abba.

I loved every word, every note, every chorus...

Knowing Me, Knowing You
The Winner Takes It All
Dancing Queen
Take a Chance on Me

Loving a musical group did not come easy to me. I was much more a solo performer kind of gal.

For example, I am sure you did not know that each afternoon at 4:00pm from 1975 to 1976 Keith Partridge magically floated out of my TV in Greene, Iowa and into my avocado-colored metal play kitchen in my basement.

He was my husband. We were married in an elaborate ceremony in Hollywood and then he brought me to the Partridge house to live. He loved me. I was his one and only.

And that red-headed Danny Partridge was a total brat. I had my hands full with him because Shirley Partridge was so busy keeping the family band together. I practically raised that Danny.

And Keith never left my side.

But eventually I left him.

For Leif Garrett.

I mean... a girl can only travel on a multi-colored bus with a bratty punk brother-in-law for so long.

And by the time I was ten, I needed a little more of the bad boy rocker thing and not so much the clean-cut family band thing.
But then I could tell Leif was really not for me either.

The bad in the boy rocker was a little too much for me.
Which was very smart and perceptive, if I do say so myself.

Because this is what he looks like now.

So, there you have it. I knew you'd want to know about my rock star past.
I'll be signing autographs in the back of the auditorium after the show.

Forever and Always
Your Dancing Queen


Nadine :

I love this post Jill. First of all I'm a big ABBA nerd. I was 17 when Dancing Queen came out and boy did I think they were talking about me.

I totally understand the David Cassidy thing also.

BTW - my son worked on a show and got to meet Leif Garrett briefly - funny huh.

Lisa writes... :

Oh my, talk about a walk down memory lane!

CR :

When I was elementary school I had to do a report on Sweden, which is where ABBA is from and I remember buying the cassette as part of my presentation. Loved em back then, love em now!

Melene@Sing For Joy :

ABBA has a prominent place on my iPod. The musical Mamma Mia is fantastic and I hope the movie is, too.

I had a photo of Tony Orlando over my bed when I was 8 years old. Later I fell in love with Barry Manilow.

Lissete :

We may have been in the same family for a while there. I was married to Shaun Cassidy for a while there!

ABBA rocks!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

Jill, you're hilarious! Those brought back some memories. Someone mentioned Bobby Sherman recently..oh, those were the days.


Melissa @ Breath of Life :

I'm wondering how Lissete was married to Shaun...he was MY man ;-) Even though he sang about YOU in Da-Do-Run-Run. I little brotherly jealousy?

Given Grace :

Oh my how funny, all these names bring back such memories.

Makes me feel slightly old, specially when my boys hear some of these songs and look at me and say...hey how do you know that song. If they only knew! They love ABBA, QUEEN, REO but they just cant believe that some old timer like myself would actually know ALL the words, to their songs!

jeanetta :

what about Fernando? You got to love Fernando.

Linda :

ah... Memories. :) I am so cracking up. These are all men in my past as well those two timers! What a shame about Leif. (notice the first name basis)

Mom on the Run :

I'm not a movie lover at all, but I may go see this as soon as it opens tomorrow!

And I most definitely was constantly singing into my microphone/curling iron for most of the 1970's. I had a great mirror in my bedroom.

I was married to Shaun Cassidy, so we could've been SIL's for awhile there.

Mom on the Run :

I posted before I read all the comments.....do you mean Shaun was CHEATING on me?????

Boo and Hooties Mom :

ABBA is great!! I just found my ABBA Gold CD. I can't remember the last time I listened to it. I was shocked I still knew most of the words!! My favorite is SOS. The kids listened and liked it too so maybe I will get a break from "radio Disney"!!!!!!

justabeachkat :

What a fun (and funny) post! Can't wait for Mama Mia to open.


Susan :

I am SO EXCITED about Mamma Mia coming out. I bought the soundtrack already.

And, Jill, I am totally busted about Leif Garrett. I had no idea where he was now.

But, David Cassidy STILL plays in my CD player...when he's not in my DS 1's car. Actually, my DS 1 became a fan a few years ago...he just doesn't like to admit it!!

:-) Susan

Caffeine Court :

I loved to dance to Dancing Queen when I was in junior high. Loved David Cassidy too! Leif Garrett never did it for me.

Ang baylis :

This reminds me of the same time when I was married to Donny Osmond. I had my room full of posters of him...and Michael Jackson as a little boy!
So much fun! I may just need to buy that CD, too!
Much love,
Angie xoxo

Tonja :

I have recently bought an ABBA collection and have it on my computer. I still know all the words, too!

There's something for you to see over at Gatherings!

Pink in a sea of blue :

I liked Keith Partridge, but I loved Dr. Noah Drake, my husband, aka Rick Springfield. My first concert in 6th grade was to see Rick Springfield and I actually saw him again back in 2000 at Chastain Park. My friends and I squealed like we were 12. I also liked Lief Garrett and am so disappointed in him now! Get help!

Sandy :

Hello Dancing Queen, you and I def. grew up in the same era LOL. Oh, poor Leif G.
I love ABBA and now my daughter listens to their music! FUN. Can't wait to see the movie.

Love your new look!

Belle (from Life of a...) :

Are you telling me that Keith Partridge was two-timing me!! I'm speechless! lol

Sandy :

I so could have written this post.
I was so in LOVE with Leif Garrett and Shaw Cassidy! Had the pink satin outfit with him all over it.
Oh my! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
Have a fabulous week.
Sandy :)

The Mrs. :

I am sad for Lief. He needs to get it together!

Holly :

What a fun post! I begged for an ABBA album when I was younger. My mom didn't know them, but thought think Voulez Vous was too suggestive. I had to wait until I was older to fully appreciate their music.

Poor, poor Leif Garrett.

Tammy :

OK...Abba...love, love, love, love them!
So much so that I begged hubby to take me a few yrs ago to Mama Mia (broadway) when it came to our nearby city...

And David...how could leave him for Leif? (Yikes...that second photo!)

You know, I saw an interview of David just two yrs ago and he still looks almost the same!
Your scenario of marrying David just cracked me up!!!
Except that you are a few yrs younger, we could have totally played together...or maybe fought together over David. LOL

My family is camping without me this week...weird to be totally alone...and not being able to get the song "Dancing Queen" out of my head now, thanks to you! ;)

andi :

I found your blog from Tonja's. You are soooo funny! I can't wait to come back and read more!
Thanks for the laugh! :)

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