Changing of the Guard


Yes dear, we had lots of fun.
Many wonderful days of sun.
But now I'm putting you away
Your time will come again some day.

Can't say I'm sorry to see you go
That is...until my skin begins to glow
From being so lilly white
That I glow even in the night.

And I say this every year.
That the next time I draw you near.
I hope you are too large
And I'm not as big as a barge.

You and me girl, we'll meet again.
But have fun under the bed 'til then.
Tucked away in the plastic bin.
'Til summer comes again.


Boo and Hooties Mom :

Love that!!!!!!!!!

clemsongirlandthecoach :

Sooo cute! Love the ode and the suit!

Tonja :

Too cute! Love the suit, by the way!

justabeachkat :

No! Say it isn't so. September and October are the best months here. I was hoping you and your sweet family would make another trip down this year.


kdwhorses :

ROTFL!! Can't believe summer is over! Sniff.........

Congrats on the goody bag!

Love the memes!

Tricia :

Laughing out loud at the barge comment!!! And from your cute pic in the apron, your more the size of a life raft than a barge anyway!! So cute!!

SaraMelene :

How fun.

Love the suit, too! I am wearing a dress that color to a wedding at the beach soon!

Linda :

You are too funny! I'm never sad to see my suit go just the weather in which I can wear the suit.

Pink in a sea of blue :

So sad! Cute post. I'm keeping my suit out for a couple more weekends. Lake and pool visits. Then it's goodbye here in N.C., too!

Susan :

Cute post. You are very creative.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

Jill, you are SO clever, girl!


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

Yes, unfortunately, my legs still look like Casper's (the friendly ghost) even though I have been swimming all summer. I guess I get to "glow" year round.

Love the poem!

The Mrs. :

Very creative my dear!

Karol :

Well, isn't it a weeee bit early to say goodbye??? Labor Day weekend almost hails!!

Tammy :

So cute...Well, there's always Hawaii or Florida if you start to miss it too much...;)

The 5 Bickies :

So so CUTE...the poem and the suit!

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