First Day of "School" 2008



Tonja :

I could just eat him up...he's the cutest thing! Of course, I'm speaking of the little one, but the big one is kind of a cutie, too. :)

Sandra :

Oh he's so cute :) Isn't it hard dropping them off and walking away? I cried all the way home LOL

Melissa @ Breath of Life :

simply adorable!

maggi :

great photos!

Amber Kay :

For REAL? School has started there already?

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane :

Aww, those are wonderful pictures! I hope he had a great first day :)

annie's eyes :

How cute he is and his expression is priceless. My kids for years stood at our front door and we snapped a picture on the first day with the arms full of school supplies and their new shoes, etc. Finally, my son, (who was in college) said,"Mom how long do we have to humor you in this?" That was the year we had to quit taking first day of school pictures! It was a quick 12 years. Enjoy every minute. Love, A

CR :

How cute!

Happy Working Mom :

Oh he's so freaking adorable!!!

Tammy : sweet!

Even though I now home school, both my girls went to preschool and my oldest girl went to public Kindergarten. I so remember those days!
(But how can school start already????)

Momma Roar :

Oh my, what a cutie!!!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

I hope his day is wonderful!

Angi :

So cute! Boy - ya'lls school starts early - ours doesn't begin unitl 8/25!

Susan :

Awwww...that is just so sweet. My boys won't let me take first day photos of them anymore. I can still force them to some degree, but the effect is not the same!!

:-) Susan

kdwhorses :

Can't believe school has already started there. We don't start here till the 25th! Of course my child is counting down the days, she just loves school! Can't believe she'll be in the 1st grade!

What a cutie! Great pics!

Nadine :

The first day of school is always exciting. He looks adorable.

melissa :

So sweet - hope his first day was great!


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