Will I Ever Learn?


Yelling from kitchen to living room wherein three hungry children sit.

"There are two pancakes left. Who wants them?"

Why oh why do I do this?

The drama that ensued was epic.

I'm 40.

I should have learned the numbers game by now.


Jillian :

Hi Jillian! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for a birthday greeting! It certainly helped make my day.

Hope your little guy was ok with school!


Lisa @ Take90West :

You walked right in to that one, Mom.

Pink in a sea of blue :

Oh, I do this, too. Why do we forget?

Mister-M :


Each child gets two-thirds of a pancake!

Not only is everyone happy... you expose them to higher level math at the same time! WIN-WIN!!!

Amy Ellen :

I do that now and again as well. except I have 6 kids so it makes it a bit worse, boy "hungry" kiddos can give dirty looks, LOL. With 6 I try to remember to cut things up fairly. They do actually complain less even if it is a small piece as long as it is even and fair.

Jennifer (mom of four) :

I have that same problem in my house of four children. Two pieces of gum and they all want them!!

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