M -A - Double Hockey Sticks


There was a time when I loved The Mall.

Any Mall. All Malls.

All those stores together under one huge roof!

Food vendors dropped like cookie dough down the center.!

And Sunglass Hut there in the center, too. Can't forget about Sunglass Hut.

(If I had a dollar for every pair of over-priced sunglasses I bought at Sunglass Hut and promptly lost, I could probably buy another overpriced pair of sunglasses from Sunglass Hut.)

And then I fell out of love with The Mall.

I go there only when there is no other choice.

(And I stopped buying sunglasses that cost more than $10 a pair because I lose them. Constantly.)

So last week I had no other choice but to go to The Mall because I had to go to Neiman Marcus. Not to buy something for me, but to buy something for someone else. Because I personally refer to Neiman Marcus as Needless Mark-ups. The stuff in there is just way too expensive.

As I exited Needless Mark-ups I was suddenly overcome with large masses of people. More masses than normal at Lenox Mall here in Atlanta.

And then it dawned on me.

Tax-free Weekend.

I should have high-tailed it out of The Mall but I really needed eye make-up remover.

The kind I use can only be purchased at The Mall.

So I ventured down to Macy's.

And after I bought eye make-up remover and some lip gloss and some shower gel I decided I'd just take a gander at the clothes.

You know...just to see if the fall clothes were starting to come out. Just in case I might be interested in trying on a sweater while it's 100 degrees outside.

And I happened to find a couple things I wanted to buy. (I KNOW! Imagine that!)

And I couldn't find anyone to help me for a long time. And then when I did finally find someone to help me she never really said anything to me. She was too busy complaining about her job to another co-worker.

I wanted to launch into a big hissy fit about:
* getting another job if you don't like this one
* how bad it is to complain in front of a customer
* how rude it is to not even greet me
* how much life can suck sometimes but you gotta suck it up
* how much of my time she was wasting

But I didn't because, even though it takes a village to raise a 20-year old who should be pretty much raised already, I'm prone to run away from the village and wander into the country with only my eye make-up remover.

Four or five years ago I got to know the regional-something-or-other of Macy's Southeast and one time she was telling me about their new customer service initiative and blah-blah-on-and-on.

And after she stopped telling me about it I said, "Does this initiative start after they get off personal phone calls on the sales floor or after they finish doing personal shopping while on the clock?"

And she said to me, "You rolled your eyes when you said that."

And I said to her, "Why yes. Yes I did. Because your initiative does not seem to be working. Nor do your sales people."

And I didn't hear from her for a long time. But I recently got an email from her saying she is now working for Ritz Carlton. At least there they acknowledge your presence. And probably fewer people roll their eyes at The Ritz Carlton than at Macy's.

And their beds are much more comfortable.

So, all I'm trying to say is my dislike of The Mall was not changed one bit last week.

It just took me awhile to get to my point.

Much like it took me awhile to find someone to ring up my dress and put it in a bag and give me my receipt.

The end.


Preppy Pink Crocodile :

Oh I feel the same way! Used to adore malls- esp Lenox when I was at Georgia. But now I will do just about anything in my power to show at stand alone shops, online or at my lovah, Tar-jay!

Preppy Pink Crocodile :

Oh your prezzie is on its way. So so sorry for the long delay but I promise it is totally cute and fun!

kdwhorses :

I try and never go to the mall. That is a very bad four letter word! I dislike it very much!

wheretheboysare :

Mall is indeed a four letter word. I won't go near one; not no way, not no how.

I'll order gifts online or have my finger nails removed one at a time before I will go to another mall.

Jackie @ where the boys are

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

Our tax free weekend was last weekend as well. Sad to say that I would rather pay tax than to go to the mall with all those people!

Dianne :

I agree Jill...I NEVER go to malls anymore unless absolutely necessary. Great post..and this: "You know...just to see if the fall clothes were starting to come out. Just in case I might be interested in trying on a sweater while it's 100 degrees outside," made me laugh...you're so funny! :-)

Susan :

Don't even get me started about service at "that store". I called a whole army of managers last time I was in there because I was treated so poorly. It's awful. I was given the usual "I'm sorry's..." but it was too little too late.

I love the Ritz Carlton motto: "We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen." And EVERYTHING is "their pleasure"!! It's a great way to think about service.

:-) Susan

Linda :

I despise the mall. I am too much in a hurry to just browse. If I go I usually have my kids and that is not fun for me or them. It has become a big headache for me so I avoid it like the plague.( I am not sure why I chose those words I don't recall ever avoiding a plague much less knowing anyone who had the plague it just seemed to fit until I thought about it) I think I better just go to bed.:)

Ang baylis :

I'm right there with you, too! I thought I was the only one who doesn't LOVE shopping at the mall. What a great idea, though. Tax-free shopping!
Have a good day,
Angie xoxo

The 5 Bickies :

I LOVE this post. I too bite my tongue when a salesperson talks to their coworkers while ringing me up instead of me. I don't want to hear their conversations about their coworkers not working and how much they hate their jobs!

Mom on the Run :

I hate the mall too. I especially hate Town Center because it is so lame. The lamest of the lame.

Bella :

:LOL...I used to be Mall Addicted. But, like you...it is a have to kind of experience to get me there now!

Tonja :

Well, if you live in a smaller town as I do, the mall is about the only place to shop. There aren't many stand alone stores that carry what you need. However, since we are beginning to get a few of those, it seems like our mall is going down...lots of empty stores now. Here, the only big stores we have are Belk...yuck! and Dillards...only a little better. Can you believe Belk replaced Parisian...my favorite store of all time. We do have a Target now, so that is most helpful when you just can not stand to go to the mall one more time. But, then...that's the only place to get make-up or Spanx...not that I even need concealer or tummy tightening control top thingies!

jeanetta :

HEAR!HEAR! The mall is useless.

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