So I'll Just Go Ahead and Embarrass Myself...


I've been tagged several times recently by some dear blogging friends and so I figured I would go ahead and combine all that bloggy goodness into one post.

Lisa at Take 90 West tagged me to sum up my life in 6 words. Lisa said, "This meme originated over an idea that was prompted by the book written by Larry Smith & Rachel Fershleiser, Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure. It’s a compilation based on the story that Hemingway once bet ten dollars that he could sum up his life in six words. His words were, 'For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.'"

Then, A Southern Accent tagged me to tell six unspectacular quirks about myself.

So, being the quirky thing that I am, I decided I'd combine these two memes and write six unspectacular things about myself that are exactly six words long.

1. My left thumb is double jointed.

2. Raised in Midwest; don't like meat.

3. Can't stand the taste of cilantro.

4. Never learned to drive stick shift.

5. Read Charlotte's Web at age four.

6. I'm legally blind in right eye.

Finally, Jillian (love the name! hee-hee) tagged me to list five songs I listen to that could be considered embarrassing. Since my taste in music tends to linger somewhere around 1990's country, I have to say this one was not hard at all.

1. Swingin' by John Anderson: Gotta love a song that includes these lyrics:
Her brother was on the sofa eatin chocolate cake
Her momma was in the kitchen cuttin' chicken up to fry

2. Love Will Keep us Together - by Captain and Tenniele: This was the first 45 record I owned. I bought it for 25 cents. I literally played it until I wore the record out. Which is a concept that today's kids don't understand. Which makes this even more embarrassing.

3. Through the Eyes of Love (The Theme Song from Ice Castles) - by Melissa Manchester: Who didn't cry over that movie?

4. I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock and Roll - by Nick Lowe: Maybe in her later years she could give up the rock and roll and just go swingin'.

5. Stand by Your Man - by Tammy Wynette: If I had a dollar for every time my mom and I listened to this song on cassette while riding in our 1969 red Chevy Impala, I'd be swingin' somewhere on a porch on a ranch in Wyoming.

And I'd invite you all over and we'd eat chocolate cake and dance to embarrassing songs.

Now it's your turn...


annie :

I loved Ice Castles!
Fun facts.

aniowamom :

From Iowa and you don't like meat. No beef?

What the hell is the matter with you girl?

Susan :

What a fun read!!!!

Jillian :

Oh wow! Some of those brought back some memories...and I love the memory of you and your Mom in the car singing! Great stuff...

The other Jillian

Steph :

Ice Castles was my FAVORITE movie! BFF and I used to watch it and then pretend we were ice skating on the kitchen floor in our socks! Oh that song brings back memories!

Belle (from Life of a...) :

A little bloggy admiration coming your way in the form of a Diamond Award. I really enjoy checking in with Jillian, Inc everyday.

SouthernAccent :

Clever, clever! Love how you put the twist on it! Speaking of Ice Castles - I was in love with Robby Benson - he's like 52 now! Can you believe it! He even has a website - and still kinda hot I think!

Jillian, Inc :

Iowa Mom- Me and beef...umm...not so much. Unless it's in a taco. When I come back to Iowa and drive down I-35 all those herds of cows turn and blow me kisses.

justabeachkat :

That was fun to read.

Hey, I've passed along another award to you.

Happy Friday!


*carrie* :

I agree with two through four.

(Please note that is a 6-word sentence.)

Lisa @ Take90West :

No beef? Hmmm. I hope you at least eat corn!

Love Ice Castles!

SaraMelene :

Love will Keep us together is one of the best songs ever! Especially fun to sing that one while driving in my car alone on a beautiful day.

I've never learned to drive a stick shift either!

Nadine :

I thought you did a great job combining the two memes - what fun.

Great stuff Jillian.

Tonja :

I know all your songs and love them! Especially "Just a Swingin'"

jeanetta :

Did you have one of the "Justa Swangin'" shirts growing up? I did. my daughter wears it now. Wish I still had one I could wear. Wouldn't that just be super cool.

Angi :

Can't stand cilantro!? I so love cilantro!

Puttin' On The GRITS :

Cilantro tastes like dish soap does it not?

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