And the Lord God Made Them All


A few weeks ago Adam became enthralled, and a bit disgruntled, with the upper inside part of his ear.

He kept picking at it with his finger saying, "I got all dat wax in my ear and it won't come out."

And I kept telling him it was not wax. It was just part of his ear.

And he'd say, "Why my ear have dat part? It's weally, weally buggin' me."

And I told him that's just how God makes ears. They are made a special way so we can hear all the sounds around us, like music.

"And da bacuum cleaner? God made me to hear da bacuum? It's weally, weally scary."

So last night when I was settling him down into bed and snuggling him under the covers, the wheels were turning in that little mind that never forgets a thing.

"Did God make my ears, Mom?"

"Yes He did son. He did make your ears."

"And did He make my nose? And my hair? And da bubble?" (which is what he calls the ceiling fan)

"Yes, He did. He is responsible for making all kinds of things. Birds and grass and even the water in the swimming pool."

And then the little boy with the turning wheels inside his head said, "I wish He didn't make dis blanket. It's makin' me too hot."


Melissa @ Breath of Life :

How adorable is he?!

I wonder how you resisted the urge to eat him up on the spot!

melissa :

So sweet ... oh how I miss these special moments with my boys.


Tonja :

Treasure each of these special moments. You are blessed to live them...and thanks for sharing them. It brings sweet memories to mind for me.


That is such a precious story!

The 5 Bickies :

So, so cute! I thought you were going to tell us about ear wax or something.

Linda :

He really does say some funny things! Isn't it neat to see them thinking things through and spouting out what makes perfect sense to them and gives us a few laughs? :)
Thanks for praying for me.

Pink in a sea of blue :

So sweet. My youngest thanked God for all the footballs and baseballs he made last night in his prayers! You're right. The wheels in their minds really turn at bedtime.

Jillian :

Adam sounds adorable and how blessed you must feel to be his Mom!



The Mrs. :

That kid is pure comedy!

justabeachkat :

So cute! You're gonna be so glad you wrote times like this down. Great memories.


Mad About Plaid Girl :

OH MY what a cutie pie! Now I'm trying to remember what you told me about Atlanta because I'm here and drove all over. Will you comment back to me and I can ask questions again now that I know more? (Yes, I'm a dork with a short memory it seems lately!)

clemsongirlandthecoach :

How cute is that?! What a sweetie.

Tammy :

Oh, wow...don't you just love that age? He's adorable!
I remember my now six yr old saying the most incredible things just a couple years ago too and I wished I would have recorded ALL of them!

Momma Roar :

Too cute!

And, wow, what a story in your previous post.

Have a great weekend Jill!! Enjoy football! :)

Dianne :

That is precious...what a cute story!

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