Cocktail Hour - The Day After


So.... okay...

Last night after cocktail hour, I put the bowl of sliced limes in the pantry and the margarita salt in the refrigerator.

And did not discover I'd done that until this morning.

But I am sure somewhere in this world warm, dried out lime and cold margarita salt is a delicacy.

And frazzled women with half a brain are iconic.

Thank goodness I put the chicken in the right place.




Sometimes I think my brain is fried too. Today our home alarm went off because I put the alarm remote control in the wash, the spin cycle set the panic alarm off. Fire engine, police and neighbor all rushed over.

Just Mom : how many cocktails did you have, exactly?


Tonja :

Oh well, we all have a little 'brain freeze' once in a while!

Belle (from Life of a...) :

That must have been SOME party! :)

justabeachkat :

Too funny! I've done similar things myself after cocktails. LOL


Kari :

LOL! That's okay. You gotta have a good cocktail night every once in awhile;o)

Jillian :

Hi Jillian!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my post about FALL. Sorry to see summer is going to be a "good" goodbye for you....but I do hope you enjoy your favorite season! I am going to embrace it...if ya can't beat 'em, you might as well join 'em!

Oh and at least your margarita salt is chilled and ready. :-)


clemsongirlandthecoach :

Oooh. I have so tried to sell her on East Cobb, but she's not having it. Not even Kennesaw.

:( Thanks for trying to get her closer to me! Towne Lake is great...if you want to live in Woodstock.

Linda :


Sandy :

Too funny! My hubby took out two 5 gallon buckets of ice cream and layed them on the washer which is behind our deep freeze and when I got up the next a.m. there they sat all liguidy and ucky. Down the drain they went.
Have a great weekend.

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