Because I'm Sure You All Thought I Am Super Mom on Halloween


Just in case you were waiting on the edge of your seat wondering what all my sweet children are going to be for Halloween, I'll leave you with this post from last Halloween.

Wherein I confess my loathing of the tricking and the treating.

Please don't hate me because I diss Halloween.

I still buy the candy.

I just eat it all myself.


I have a little confession.

I'm not much into Halloween.

I don't dislike it, really. I just don't like it. I never even liked it as a kid. I have no particular reason why. I wasn't scared out of my wits by the neighborhood bully in a vampire mask. I didn't get an apple with a needle in it in my trick-or-treat bag (though one of my friends did).

I dreaded trying to put a costume together growing up. Even though I seemed enthusiastic the day the plastic masks - with the strings that always broke - arrived at the dime store, I really could have cared less. One year I bought a Raggedy Ann mask, one year a ghost, one year a princess. But most of the time I was a witch. It just seemed the easiest thing to do. **sigh**

I've never understood what Halloween is supposed to celebrate. I mean, Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ. Thanksgiving celebrates the Pilgrims, Indians and turkey. Valentine's Day celebrates the big pockets of Hallmark. But what about Halloween? What's up with walking around in the dark knocking on people's doors and yelling for candy?

And that's another thing. I don't like handing out candy. The first Halloween in our neighborhood I thought I'd be the consumate Halloween hander-outer and lowered the bowl of candy so the precious little ones could choose. One snotty little Princess grabbed herself a whole handful and ran off without even saying thank you. That was the end of that. The next year I plunked one piece in every one's bag. And don't even get me started on 14-year olds who come to the door with no costume.

Now then.

I am well aware Adam may some day take great delight in Halloween.
I will suck it up, put on a happy face, and put my whole heart into costumes and candy, because I'm a good mama like that.

Until then, I am here to tell you...

My trick on Halloween: getting the heck out of dodge.

My treat: a plate of tacos and a large margarita.

Boo-humbug, y'all.


Mom on the Run :

I'm with you. I'm glad we have a football game and that J4 is finally old enough that we can say "you are NOT going trick or treating....PERIOD!"

I bought one bag of candy for any littles who show up before we leave and then the lights are out and nobody's home!

(And I hated dressing up when I was a kid, too...I was always a "teenager" so I could wear my mom's makeup!)

tlm :

I don't like Halloween either. I was always sick on Halloween as a child and my mom didn't like it. Both of those are probably contributing factors. Normally I do hand out candy because I like to see the little kids, but I turn my light out early before the big kids come.

Beth :

We're twins!!

Thankfully, my kids get scared easily and trick-or-treating (or TRUNK-or-treating, in our case) lasts only moments. However, their costumes live on for months :-) My boys are usually superheores and wear them year-round. At least I get my money's worth on those!


Its the first Halloween in a long time that the weather is nice so I will enjoy being outside BUT it is not my favorite holiday either. I am already thinking about Christmas.

Momma Roar :

I can understand your feelings. I didn't like it either as a kid because I felt it was a race to see who could get to the most houses and come home with the most candy.

Now, where we live, we see about 10 neighbors who all enjoy seeing the little ones and we meet up with neighbors outside that we haven't had the chance to talk to. It forces us to slow down and take the time to talk to those we live closest too.

What does it celebrate? Well, in our house, it celebrates that they have new outfits added to the dressup pile - that's worth it, right? ;-) The thrill in making the costumes is seeing the joy in my kids' faces - I'd do it even without Oct 31st happening.

Enjoy your weekend and go get yourself that taco! :-D

Lennye :

I agree! Today at school a mother was going on about how she loved Halloween and asked, "Don't you love Halloween?" I responded no, that I never let my kids dress up or go trick or treating. (We have allowed them to participate at whatever is going on at church.) But it was her that floored me. She replied, "Well you're not a very good mother, are you?" I laughed and said she'd have to ask my boys!

At this point I didn't have the heart to address my views on Santa Claus!

Tammy :

I so understand...I am not fond of it all either. This was actually the first year I did, however, get more into some of it in that we did some trick or treating in the afternoon at a mall...then our whole family went to a church festival.
But really, I'm always thankful when it's over! Honestly, I'm not comfortable with the whole concept of it...but my girls do think it's fun to dress up (in non scary costumes) every year, and I admit that part is a tiny bit fun for me!
Just a tiny bit, mind you...;)

Belle (from Life of a...) :

It's not my favorite holiday either...we live on a dark cul-de-sac so thankfully our doorbell doesn't ring but about three times at the most. We hunker down in the den and watch TV! Very low key...

Leah in Iowa :

I haven't actually visited your blog in awhile - I usually read you from BlogLines. But I love the new family photos! What a nice looking bunch you all make!!

I must agree with you on the Halloween thing - don't like it. We "did it" a few years, but liked the idea of taking the kids to Burger King, letting them play until they were uber-tired, bought them a small bag of candy and called it good. I'm SUCH a good mother!!

I hope your Iowa trip was a lot of fun, and that you've had some special times of memory-making with your Mom this week.

~ Leah

Preppy Pink Crocodile :

I love Halloween but until a few years ago when I hosted Thanksgiving at my home, I never ever liked that holiday. I love the food, just not all at once I guess. But the holiday has grown on me so I do actually like it now.

justabeachkat :

Ditto sister, ditto!


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