Fourth of Fourth


Several of you have done the "Fourth of Fourth" photo meme recently and I thought I would, too.

I am to pick the 4th picture in my 4th picture folder, write about it, and then tag 4 people.

4th folder -√
4th picture - √
Write about it - √
Tag 4 people - √

That's Bayley (then age 8) and Adam (then about a year and a half) on the deck after dinner in early summer 2007.

I can't really remember anything special about the photo, except I probably thought those two sweet faces were too good to pass up.

If you'd like to play along, let me know so I can be sure to visit.


Tammy :

Those are two sweet faces, for sure...

And I love the photo below it with the fountain, too...looks like a piece of art!

Paige's Petals :

You have been Boo-ed! Go to my blog and follow the rules!

justabeachkat :

Very very sweet!

Happy Halloween!


The Mrs. :

That is such a cute pic!! Thanks for the well wishes...I really needed them!

Susan :

This was very very cute. I went to my fourth folder and my fourth picture and decided that the meme was making me want to bend the rules and choose a different picture. So I didn't do it. Maybe sometime this week, I'll play!



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