Weekend Fun


Pumpkin Patches * Apple Picking * Crisp Cool Days
Hayrides * County Fairs * Afternoon Football Games
Craft Fairs * A Drive in the Country * Movies + Popcorn
Family Dinner * Church * A Walk in the Park

So.... what are you doing this weekend?


maggi :

Hanging with the Hubby is on the Top of my LIST this weekend.
Hope you & the family have a great time!

Lisa :

Sounds like a busy and fun weekend. Yeay! Happy Friday and hope its a wonderful weekend for ya'll.

CR :

That sounds like fun! My parents will be here, along with other family for a cousin's wedding at Stone Mountain.

Nobody You Know :

Having a garage sale. Not as fun, but I hope to make a bunch of dough for our upcoming vacay.

Julie :

Your weekend plans sound like Autumn Heaven, Jill. Ours will include more mundane things since we do foster care for adult women with disabilities - making meals, running them on their errands, and helping with their needs. What I look forward to most is grabbing a block of time to sit on the back deck before it gets too cold here in northern MN, looking at the red maples and reading the rest of The Zookeeper's Wife. :)

Just Me... :

Your weekend sounds great! I am going to hope that I'm not doing anything so I can catch up on laundry and (hopefully) some rest!

Just Mom :




kdwhorses :

Sounds like tons of fun!

I will be riding & roping (be shocker there!) and cleaning the house, Sunday church and playday after church.

annie :

All good things! We did the pumpkin patch today along with a hay ride and corn maze... I'm pooped :)

heidi @ ggip :

Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment. I appreciate it.

Are you really doing all this in one weekend? My weekend will be cleaning, catching up on shopping (birthday party coming up) and trying to read a bit. We had a busy weekend last one with the punkin patch and all.

And yes, the word "entitlement" didn't make it into my post, but the idea was all over.


justabeachkat :

I'll be trying to get over my cold. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Hope yours is filled with fun.


Nadine :

Unloading the moving truck, unpacking boxes, and unpacking boxes...unpacking boxes.

Have fun for both us.

Belle (from Life of a...) :

I had a wonderful weekend with my college friends. I can hardly wait, though, for the fair and FAIR FOOD!!!

Tracey Kirksey :

hey girl! I've tagged you in a "meme"...just sharing the love that Kat shared with me! ha ha! ;-)

Tricia :

Must have been the weekend for pumpkin patches! Hope you had lots of fun!!

Susan :

Oh I so wish we had those options here this weekend. I love Fall..I just don't live in it.



Jillian :

We had great weather this past weekend and took dear bebe for her first "walk" around the neighborhood! It was probably more fun for Dear Mommy but fresh air was good for all!

Sheila :

We are having a winter coat give a way so Friday night will be set up. Saturday from 9-12 I will be at our local Mall helping those in need chose a warm winter coat. Junior Auxiliary is in charge of this and we work hard to help those in need.
Saturday we are also hanging out with family and friends. Our church is having a cook out and fall festivities for the little ones. Pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, games and songs and just clean christian fun.
Sunday is church, dinner at MIL, and getting ready to hit the grind on Monday after a week of fall break from school.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your sweet family.

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