A Built-in Personal Assistant


Just got this email from my husband:

Adam was so cute this morning.

When we got in the car he said, “Daddy do you have your keys?”

I said, “Yes, they’re right here.”

He said, “Do you have your wallet and your phone?”

I showed them to him and he smiled and said. “All set.”

Thank goodness we have a 2 year old watching out for us.


maggi :


justabeachkat :

I'm so glad I got to meet your personal assistant in person. Now I can picture him doing all the cute things you write about and it puts a BIG smile on my face. What a cutie pie!


Heidi :

That's adorable. Not so much when they are and watch EVERYTHING you do.... and then question you on it. But 2 year olds are adorable. Your little one sounds priceless.

Melissa @ Breath of Life :

My daughter has always had to keep me on track. I think I lose about 10,000 brain cells every day!

kdwhorses :

LOL! I hate to say it only gets worse! My daughter is always saying don't forget this mom, do you have this mom!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

What a good helper!

My 6-year-old now rolls her eyes at me whenever we leave and I forget something in the house (which lately is 99.9 percent of the time!) ;)

Tina Leigh :

Too sweet. When I went for my county tax appeal I brought along my granddaughter (The baby sitter doesnt get a baby sitter when things come up,lol). I explained to them that I brought my TAX CONSULTANT with me and that she was going to monitor the meeting. She also had a prepared statement for them...."Lower Pop-pa's TAXES!!". Always good to have a "LITTLE HELP" around!

Scarlet O'Kara :

What a wonderfully helpful young man! Don't you just love it when they act so grown up?

Darlene :


Jennifer (mom of four) :

That is so cute! I have a few of those in my house. I am glad because I would probably leave the house without half the stuff I need too!

Sandy :

Too cute!! I have one too when I'm driving - "Mom, are you going the speed limit?" which of course I always respond "Yes +5 mph."
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

The Mrs. :

Can he come over and work for me? I need him!

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