Fashion Week - The Perfect White Shirt


If there's one wardrobe staple everyone should have, it would be a white button-up shirt. Great with jeans and a pair of pearl studs. Perfect to wear with a pant suit. Just the thing to wear with a pencil skirt and heels to church or to work.

But finding the perfect white shirt isn't easy. (How many white shirts do you have hanging in your closet? I have at least ten, and wear only three or four.)

My white shirt epiphany came a couple years ago when a personal stylist at Neiman Marcus told me about Brooks Brother's no-iron white shirts. (They come in other colors, too).

I prefer the tailored and the semi-fitted styles. The tailored is great for wearing under jackets and I love the semi-fitted alone with jeans or slacks. The french cuffs in the semi-fitted make it special. You can wear the silk knots that come with the shirt or I wear my own monogrammed engraved cuff links that you can find for less than $30 in men's departments at most stores. (monogramming extra, of course).

As I mentioned in my Style Guide, coming in a close second for me in the white shirt category is JCrew's slim stretch shirt. The slim cut is best for wearing under jackets, but it also works alone with jeans or slacks. And it comes in many other colors as well.

Up next.... shopping for jeans

and some tips on dressing slimmer.


Just Mom :

I have three different white shirts (including a fitted one that can easily be dressed up or down), but I don't wear them much anymore. I'll have to look at them again.

Kari :

I'm all about a "No-Iron" for any piece of clothing, LOL! I do love a nice, crisp white shirt. But, I'm the one who always spills something on it.

Monogramchick :

This is looking like a great week of posts, I will definately back tomorrow for the lesson on jeans. For now, I am off to shop at Brooks Brothers :)

melissa :

Brooks Brothers shirts are my favorite too and I LOVE white shirts - have more than I can count!


Lauren :

I keep meaning to go over to Brooks Brothers and check out their white shirts. Thanks for the reminder!

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