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Thanks to all of you who left comments and questions about Fashion Week. I hope to cover lots of topics this week, and am delighted that you'll be joining me.

I received several questions about where I shop. I think the real question should be....where don't I shop!

Really, I "shop" for clothes in two different ways.

There's the "shopping" without the buying, which I do a lot. I do it so I can see what the styles and trends are for any given season.

Then there's the "shopping" with the buying, once I get my lists and thoughts together and figure out what I want.

I tend to stick with classic clothes and more trendy accessories (shoes, jewelry and handbags).

I tend to spend more for something I know will last for years (coats, suits) and less for things that I may get tired of or won't last either due to trendiness or too much wear. (Does anyone else throw out white t-shirts after a summer of hard wear?)

All that being said, the stores I frequent the most for a wide variety of clothing are JCrew, Banana Republic, the Gap, and Target. I would imagine most of you shop at least one or two of those stores quite often yourself.

I've put together a spreadsheet of all my favorite stores, the items I like in each, and other little tips and tricks I've gleaned over the years.

If you'd like me to email it to you, leave me a comment with your email address and I'll be happy to share.

Come back tomorrow where I'll talk about the perfect white shirt and other fashionable stuff....


Nicole :

Amen, girl, on the trendy accessories!

I can already tell you my husband is glad we don't live in the same town because we'd just tear the place up.

Those stores are my stomping grounds, too, with the addition of Nordstrom's BP section.

Can't wait to see what else you've got this week:)

Leah in Iowa :

Now I really feel like a Country Bumpkin out here in the schticks! Ha ha! I'm glad one of us can dress all trendy-like. =)

Jillian :

WOW, a spreadsheet! I'm curious...go ahead and send it to

Fun...I need to shop!


justabeachkat :

Yeah...e-mail me!


Nadine :

My mom was great at making me clothes that were very trendy and in style (she worked as a seamstress). Since I moved out of the house, I just buy what fits. But I do admire the trendy, smart dresser and always wonder, "How do they do that?"

From your pictures, you're in that "How do they do that?" - wow, nice dresser.

Amanda :

I would LOVE this spreadsheet...great idea, those are my fav shops too so I's d love to see what you buy/suggest, am enjoying your blog!!!

The LeCroys :

I have to have this!!
Love your blog!


Just Mom :

You have a spreadsheet?? Seriously?? This I've got to see.

BusyBee :

Sure, send me a copy!


Wow, I am interested too. We tend to shop at some of the same places.

Vader's Mom :

I'd love to see your list. I'm in the need of new clothing around here.

vadersmomma at gmail dot com

Anonymous :

I, too, love the Brooks Brothers shirts. The best! My husband wears the mens' version as well. I need the spreadsheet.

Ms. Mayhem : You're organization and the idea of a spreadsheet has left me speechless and VERY interested.

Paige's Petals :

Include me!

lisa :

i'd love the spreadsheet, if it's not too late! thx!!

Lauren :

I'm glad you are doing fashion week! If you get a chance, my email is

Enjoy your week!

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