Here Comes Trouble


So The Elf on the Shelf has arrived at our house.

He's been named Trouble. By an almost-three-year-old. Imagine that.

The desire to touch Trouble far outweighs the fear that he will lose his magic if held.

So when Trouble is at our house he moves from one high place to the other.

Do you have an Elf at your house?

What is his/her name?

And what kind of excitement (or trouble!) has your Elf brought to your house?

I'd love to know.


Beth :

Oh, I saw him yesterday at Hallmark. I'd never seen one before! it sounds like a fun little tradition.

Jillian :

Cute! The only trouble we have are a couple of pesky cats...but the elf is much quieter.


Nadine :

No elf, but Trouble was never as cute as that.

Preppy Engineer :

Our Elf is Sammy...I must say he is causing an awful lot of good behavior at our house!

Momma Roar :

This is the first year we are doing it - it is too much fun. The kids named him Charlie - which is perfect because Colin says it with the cutest voice.

The kids have been talking to him and showing him pictures of what they like. They checked on him one time after the dog barked to make sure he wasn't scared. I've got to start writing their sayings down because it is just so sweet!

So glad to know there are other elves out and about in blog land!

The Chic Chauffeur :

We have Zippy. And if yhe loses his magic, he cannot make it back to the North Pole to report good behavior to Santa. Try that logic. It worked for me!

Linda :

We don't have an elf but it sure sounds like a good idea.

Lisa @ Take90West :

I must have had my head in a snowbank last winter, because I had never heard of this Elf on a Shelf craze. Have no fear, I just bought one today and he will make his debut tonight so there is no telling what the kids will name him. Trouble would be appropriate though!

The 5 Bickies :

"Elfie" arrived at our house on December 1st for the very first visit. My children wouldn't name him Scout, as I suggested. And, the first night hubby and I completely failed. We forgot to relocate Elfie. The children talk to him, and worry that he is watching everything...just how I like it:)

Ally0005 :

Just found your blog.
We have had our elf since 2005. His name is Larry, sometime he can be found eating cookies.

Glenna :

We started having our elf, Barnabas, visit about 10 years ago. And although my youngest is now quite suspicious (he's 10), Barnabas still visits!It was fun to see this little elf appear a few years ago! Merry Christmas!

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