Career Planning Gone Slightly Awry


Hey Mom, I'm gonna be a doorman when I get bigger.

Oh, I think that's a great thing to be. You could help so many people.

Yeah. I'd open all da doors for them. But I would only open da door if I wanted them to come inside.

Well, I think part of your job would be to help everyone. Maybe you could smile at everyone, too. That would be an important part of your job as a doorman.
If dere was a mean guy tryin' to get in through da door I'd hit him and kick him.

Well, I don't think too many bad guys would try to get in the door.

**making his ugly witch face** Den I would scare dem wiff my face and punch dem.

Mom, I DO NOT want to be a doorman. I want to be Spiderman so I can get all dose bad guys wiff my web and stuff. And den I will be Batman and hit dem wiff my bat. And do not ask me to smile anymore BECAUSE! it is no fun to smile.


Hey Mom. Do you have to smile at your job and hold da door for all dose people?

I do have to smile at my job and sometimes I do hold the door for people. And even when I'm not at my job I smile and hold doors for people.

Yeah. Like da doorman does. I'm gonna be da doorman when I grow up.


Gracie Beth :

When my brother was little he wanted to be a garbage man

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

That is adorable! Right now, my daughter wants to be the cast member on the Peter Pan ride at Disney World who helps people exit. And, she will give all the kids who talk to her a sword (the cast member at the PP ride gave her a sword when she got off the ride).

xoxo~ Meg : adorable! I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

Tonja :

Sweet little boy talks! I love it!

Tammy :

Not having the joy of little boys at our house, it's fun to have a dose of it from mom's like you now and then! They sure are born with that testosterone! (Love the picture of he and his dad in the post below!)

Lots of wanting to be tiara wearing princesses that eventually turn into mommies here at our house. ;)

kdwhorses :


Pink in a sea of blue :

Kids are so honest! That was so funny. My youngest switches from wanting to be a firefighter (his word since they visited his preschool) or a football player.

The Mrs. :

There are plenty of doors that need him!

Preppy Pink Crocodile :

Soooo cute!

Jillian :

So cute! Funny how he wants to keep the bad guys out. LOL!


Lennye :

Don Francisco used to sing a song about "I'd rather be a doorman in heaven than a king with all his gold."

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