If You Drive By My House Often...


...and look through the windows into my keeping room and think to yourself:

"Is it me, or does that lady seem to always be standing there folding laundry?"

The answer would be, sadly, yes.

I do always stand there and fold laundry.




But, never fear. I've usually got a glass of something good to sip on sitting on the table.

And a good show on the plasma that I've DVR'd.

A girl can't live by laundry alone, after all.


The Things We Carried :

Very Cute!

Tonja :

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

And, she's gotta do whatever it takes to do it!

Nadine :

If you have to do laundry everyday, you might as well make the best of it.

Gracie Beth :

Those truffles sound to die for!

Dionna :

Yes. The DVR is heaven-sent when it comes time to iron and fold clothes - isn't it??

justabeachkat :

A little something wonderful to sip on helps almost anything, right? Yes ma'am!

Merry Christmas

SouthernAccent :

Oh that's totally the way to do it!

Katy :

No doubt and I should fold laundry every day, maybe I can get inspired to do so. Will it be today though.......or tomorrow?

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