And of Course I Wasn't Wearing Cute Shoes, Lipgloss or Even Earrings


Yesterday as I was paying for my Gap Wide-leg Lounge pants and Wide-leg Trouser Jeans, who should I spy but ClemonsonGirl and Lawyer's Wife (and their adorable boys).

Right there.

In The Gap.

In the flesh.

And they are as beautiful and as cute and as fun as I thought they'd be.

And they better be calling me for a Starbuck's chat fest because I didn't have nearly enough time to talk fashion, blogging and monogramming.


Stephanie :


I heart ClemsonGirl...and I will be meeting Lawyer's Wife shortly! Care to join us?

Anonymous :

I'm always on the look out for bloggers.

Haven't found one yet.

I hope you've learned to always carry lipgloss at least.

clemsongirlandthecoach :

You're hilarious. I was a hot mess and the boys were, ahem, rowdy to say the least!

Coffee very, very soon!


How fun is that!

Lauren :

cute jeans!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques :

Thanks for stopping by with your supportive comments about my Stepson's deployment. They mean so much!


Nadine :

Now that is a nice surprise to meet up with blog friends.

Kim :

Since I never post pictures of myself, you wouldn't know me if you saw me!

Maggi (green magsterpie) is the only one who knows what I look like IRL!

How fun. And I go to that Gap all the time. And Borders. And Williams Sonoma. Pottery Barn, too.

Hmmmm, you just never know when I might see you but you don't see me!


Katy :

That's fun that you saw the ladies, and I'm sure you looked just darling.

clemsongirlandthecoach :

Rest assured that if Mom on the Run sees you...she WON'T speak to you. She "saw" me and Lawyer's Wife at Mistletoe and wouldn't speak to us. :)

Boo hiss.

The Pink Clutch :

I will promise to introduce myself to anyone I bump into ... that is if I am not drowning in kids and actually see you ...

because not to say something but just be a little rude!

mer@lifeat7000feet :

How fun to run into bloggers!

Kim :

Well, a thousand pardons.

I guess I'm just rude.

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