Before You Know It, He'll Have Me Up at Dawn Doing Speed Drills


My before bedtime reading...+ two dark chocolate Dove hearts and a little bit of red wine.

Adam's before bedtime reading... + a sippy cup of apple juice and a soft be-be.

He is obsessed with the February edition of Runner's World.

I have no idea why.

Mommy, can you call dat gr-rul and ask her if she will go running wiff

Sure! No problem.

And can I please go wiff you?

Sure, little boy.

In about 20 years.


Natalie :

That's funny... My daughter is obsessed with the Flying magazines we get by mistake every month.

Tina Leigh :

Oh Jill that is so cute!! I love how you are able to spell it just the way he says it.

Michele :

At least it's not the SI swimsuit edition!

Amber :

Off the sugject but I get that Runners mag too...and that chick has abs to die for!

Just Mom :

LOL! I was going to say what Michele just did.

Unknown :

That is adorable! Isn't it so cute the things that they get obsessed with?

Connie :

You are in trouble! Isn't it amazing how boys love to look at pretty girls. He's too cute! Connie

Shawna :

Oh, it starts early. So funny!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile :

Too funny! Though that gal's abs are pretty amazing!

Anonymous :

A ladies man already??? :-)

i want to know: can she come running with ME, because i need her abs?! I mean, I need her abs!!!

Anonymous :

That is so funny! I guess he likes the athletic type!

Unknown :

Hi Jill,
TOO cute! Wish my abs looked like that!!lol.
Finally had a day to come by and catch up with all of my favorite bloggers - life has been way too busy lately.
Hope you have a wonderful day.

Justabeachkat :

LOL Oh to have those abs...but I'd frankly rather have my dark chocolate (Bliss is my favorite) and my red wine.


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