Cross. My Heart.


Recently I've gotten a "thing" for crosses.

I've always had a cross necklace (or six), but when I saw this great embellished cross t-shirt online, the turquoisy coolness was calling my name.

And then along came these great boots. **yee-haw!**

Cross my heart. I think I've found a new vice.


Susan :


Momma Roar :


Are you at work taking pictures? LOL!! :-D

CR :

I really love that top! Those boots rock too!

Katy :

You are rockin in that shirt and boots. How fun are those boots!! You're so cute girl!!

Holly :

K, how hot are you? Very! Love your shirt and those boots.

Tina Leigh :

You are just too cool!!

Jill :

Leigh Ann - Me? Goofing off at work and blogging? Never!

Lisa Pogue :

Hi I found you thru JustABeachKat. Love the tshirt, the turquoise really makes the shirt doesn't it? I had to laugh when I saw your note to watch Orange Co. Housewives Reunion. I hate to admit it, I watch that show, but the reunion show made me ashamed. What is wrong with those women? Really cute blog and I love your header!!

Constant Frivolity :

Please tell us where online you bought the shirt. I NEED it!

Justabeachkat :

Cute and cute! Love both! And...that's a cute photo of you, but hey don't you have a self timer on that camera? LOL


Renee :

I LOVE the boots!!! My dad is VERY Country Western so growing up he was ALWAYS in boots and I loved the look. I have never owned a pair and held my "country" roots at bay. I married a suit & tie guy who is not found of the "country" style and I’ve spared him from that theme through out our marriage. But after seeing your boots - my country roots are breaking out!!!

The cross t-shirt is cool too!

kari and kijsa :

love the the boots!!!!
kari & kijsa

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

Love those boots! I'm embarrassed to admit I live in Nashville and don't own a decent pair of cowboy boots any more. For shame! ;)

Dionna :

Wearing a cross is more than "decor" or "embellishment" to me. It's a sign of what I value and hold dear.

I do love those boots.

Connie :

Love the shirt. I got a new cross necklace from my precious mama for my birthay recently. It reminds me of your shirt. Connie

clemsongirlandthecoach :

Just another example of how you are cooler than me!


Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* :

Very stylish boots. I like Maltese crosses for some reason and Roman numerals. Who knew? Very cute blog. :)

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