And I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way


Friday night.


A little sip of red wine.

Some left-over mini (Christmas) M&Ms.

Beside my handsome hubby.

Watching the new reality show Jockeys. (are any of you watching?)

Low key and wonderful.

And perfect.


Carrie :

That's how we're celebrating Friday night, too. Totally low key. Hubby is watching tv, and I'm about to grab a book and head for the bubble bath. Aaaaaah...the beginning of the weekend.

Unknown :

We're having a 7 year old sleep over! Wanna trade places?

Susan :

Quiet times.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

Hi,Jill, as usual I'm way behind on my Bloglines reading, but read down the list on yours & saw you wanted opinions on a few things.

The George Foreman grill is a must have for us! I love to grill chicken breast & pork chops on mine, as well as hamburgers. Might not be quite as good as the big grill, but pretty darn easy for 2 people. I also make paninis on it too, with any sort of bread. Even grilled cheese is a snap!

Anonymous :

Oh man - did that start already? i saw the promo a few weeks ago and forgot all about it. Is it cheesy, or actually worth watching? (as much as any reality show is worth watching :-))

SouthernAspirational :

The BF and I are HOOKED on Jockeys. PS- First time commenter... Found you through Clemsongirl and I am glad I stumbled across your blog!

Wacie's Way :

Sounds like a perfect evening! Have not seen Jockeys yet, but will have to check it out!

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