*Swoon* - Boden Springtime Coat


I made my first purchase from Boden a couple weeks ago... a little bit o'green for the month of St. Patty (not to mention Spring!)

Have any of you ordered from Boden?


melissa :

Darling coat, Jill! I haven't bought from Boden, but have my eye on the ibiza kaftan and the cutiest cluth.


SouthernAspirational :

Love that coat! I've never ordered from them before, but I've eyed their jackets. How's the quality? They also seem to have some pretty awesome sales.

Boo and Hooties Mom :

I love Boden. Whenever I get the catalog I "swoon"!!!!!!!!!
Love the coat...it looks great on you!

Jessi :

The coat is adorable and perfect for Atlanta spring weather. I have never ordered from Boden, but like the designs.
How is the quality???

SouthernAccent :

I saw that in the catalog!!! Love it - looks great on you! They are actually have a 20% off sale this week on their site. I've ordered several things from them, for me and the little guy. I've noticed that the stuff seems to run a little small, but I always get complements because their stuff is so different from everything in the stores.

Kim :

We get Boden and Mini Boden catalogs, and I have checked items I want to order every season and never get around to it! I especially love the little girl clothes...very cute and fun!

Katy :

Ummmm...you look darling! I love Boden and Mini B.
Yes, I've ordered a sweater/jacket for myself and it was way too big. (I haven't figured out the sizing yet, even though I went by the chart.)
Have a great day~!

Mom on the Run :

We get the catalog, but I haven't ordered anything yet. But I'm always tempted. It looks great on you.

ReminisceHeirlooms :

I love Boden and mini boden. I buy more mini...bc I am sucker for cute kids clothing. The quality is there. Love the coat. It looks so nice on you. :)


I looooove it!!I have a few boden things for myself...none for the boys. What can I say, I'm a selfish, selfish mama. ;)

Amber Kay :

SOOO cute! I've just bought kids clothes from Mini Boden...no "big people" clothes!

Jillian, Inc :

Since some of you have asked, I have found the quality to be very good. Also I've had questions to my email about sizing. In US coats I usually wear size 6. Boden advises UK size 10 for "small 6" and UK size 12 for "large 6" and I went for the UK size 12 because I am tall. The fit was great. Also, they are offering 20% off online through March 5, 15% off March 6 and 10% off March 7.

The 5 Bickies :

The coat looks great! I just ordered a few things from Boden and they are running a great sale. Can't beat free returns as well. They have suggestions for outfits on their site and your jacket is featured quite a few times with lots of cute tops. Check it out.

Tina Leigh :

You are wearing that coat girl! I wish the weather down here was cold enough to enjoy prettys like that!

Nadine :

You look wonderful in that coat. I like the design.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

So cute! I have never ordered from them but I was getting their catalog (need to check out their sale.)

flygirl :

love the mini-boden for the kids, too! they have oh-so-cute skirts for the mommies!

Jill :

I've never purchased from Boden but I've admired their catalogs for a long time. Love your new coat. Green is such a great spring color.

Tricia :

Ohhhhh....Awwwww....love it!! And how cute are you in it!!


Love, love, love the coat, and it looks great on you! (I've done that photo in the mirror thing too)

The Mrs. :

HOw cute are you! I mean really!!!!

Mind Your Manors :

BODEN is my all time FAVORITE!!! That is all I order for my son these days. I NEVER have a problem with washing their clothes. So cool!


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