I Fell to Pieces


So last night - along about 9 o'clock - I basically hit the wall. Those 50+ hour work weeks, rush hour commutes, small people needing mac n' cheese, and that darn Mt. Laundry will do that to a girl once in awhile.

The hitting of the wall came upon me so suddenly I didn't even have time to really alert my husband. I mean, one minute I was brushing my teeth getting ready to settle in with a good book, and the next minute I was passed out with my headband all askew.

But I'm sure the hubs already knew what was coming. He loves me in sickness, in health, and in bio-rhythm meltdown.

And he also knew something was seriously wrong when I left a bowl on uneaten Reeces Pieces on my nightstand.

I may skip washing my face or even donning a decent pair of pajamas. But when I diss the chocolate, it's a near crisis.


Sjn :

hang in there girl, thank goodness someone's there to pick up the "pieces". Tomorrow's another day, hope you get a good night's sleep. zzz

Tina Leigh :

Oh poor poor girl! I do hope you get better. No need to waste chocolate!!!

Susan :

Hope the good night sleep was the ticket back to the bowl!!!!

Melissa in Mel's World :

Poor thing, it sounds like it was just what you needed. Next time send the chocolate down south...wink wink!

Big Hugs,
Melissa in Mel's World

Just Mom :

Oh wow. Untouched candies. You must really be suffering from exhaustion. Take care.

Connie :

I do that too! You needed your sleep. Did you have sweet chocolate dreams? Hope you feel good today. Connie

Anonymous :

i think i'm on my way there! i keep promising myself that "tonight i'll go to bed early," but somehow it never happens. i'm glad you got some sleep, anyway!

And if there is ever a time that you have uneaten Reeses's Pieces, i will gladly take them off your hands!

The Mrs. :

I am having these evenings more often than not lately! That's what being 35 weeks preggy will do to ya! Hang in there!

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