A List on a Rainy Night


We're closing out the fifth day of rain and drizzle here in the ATL and I do believe my creativity has been washed away with the raindrops. I think the sun'll come out tomorrow....so perhaps my blog game will be back on as well.

For now....a list of not-too-exciting things happening in my soaked little world:

* I had a filling replaced in one of my wisdom teeth on Wednesday and had a pounding headache until late Sunday night. I guess those three shots of Novocaine took their toll. And on an amusing note, when I emailed my mom about my tooth situation, she was amazed to learn I still have my wisdom teeth. (I have all four of them, as a matter of fact. I've never denied having a big mouth!) I guess at some point after your sweet and precious little girl hits 40 you lose track (and interest) in the presence or absence of her teeth.

* The day after the tooth debacle, I got my hair colored and it doesn't look as good as I'd hoped. And then the day after I got it colored, I got it cut (because I can't make life easy and go to the same person for both). And that didn't turn out so well either. Not bad, but not great. And when your tooth and head are hurting, sub-par hair is just a little bit harder to take.

* My sweet little boy has recently taken to biting his fingernails. He must spend the better part of each day gnawing and chewing those darn things. (At least I don't have to go through the agony of clipping them, I guess.) And a couple nights ago, as God is my witness, he was trying to chew his big toenail. If this is too much information, I am sorry. But it is the truth - and so bizarre! Fingernail biting gives me the willies and I hope he outgrows it. So far I have tried to ignore it in hopes he will stop as suddenly as he started. The toenail biting, however, is over the top. It ain't gonna happen, if the kid has to wear steel-toed shoes 24/7.

* Despite my throbbing head, I did manage to clean, organize and purge my closet for the coming warm weather. Oh my goodness, I do not need another thing to wear. I have too many clothes as it is. (But you know I will buy something within the week - let's be real). My husband, on the other hand, always looks great and spends about 2.5 seconds buying four pairs of shorts and four shirts every summer. If hours of time spent shopping, returning, agonizing and browsing was equal to how magnificent one should look, I should be on par with Princess Di. As it is, I am.....ummm....far from it.

* Driving home from work tonight in the pouring rain, it suddenly dawned on me I had to bring 24 goody bags for the St. Patrick's Day Party at Adam's school tomorrow. For some reason I thought the party was Friday. All school parties should be on Friday. Tuesday is too early in the week, don't you think? So, a quick stop into Target for candy and bags and a swing into Michael's for ribbon and I've got 2 dozen cute bags ready to go. My red-o-hot smokin' husband (that's the Irish version) helped me create these in just under 30 minutes while the nail-biter took a bath:

* And on that note, I hope your St. Patty's day is wonderful. May your beer be green and/or your corned beef and cabbage be yummy.


Nadine :

The bags came out very cute and yes I agree all school parties should be on Friday.

I'm sorry you're not feeling well - I hope that headache is finally gone.

Biting toenails - I agree - try to stop that one. I remember my kids trying that too. I clipped my kids toenails to discourage that.

clemsongirlandthecoach :

The bags? Precious!

The nail biting kid? Yes, I've got 2 of those here.

Hubs? Way O'Hot!

Tricia :

Yes my precious princess bites her toenails from time to time when she thinks I am not watching!!Disgust a bust!!!

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* :

Stickers, ribbon and a hot o'husband. What more could a woman want? ;)

Tina Leigh :

LOL! Boy you sure have a funny way of putting things! We got just a drizzle of rain yesterday evening & thats all we have seen around here for moisture. If we COULD figure out why kids do what they do....! Maybe his habbit wont last long. The bags are cute as a button!
Top O the mornin to Ya!
Oh & I have all of my wisdom teeth too....cant say I'm any smarter for it tho, LOL!

Susan :

Fortunately we never had any nail biters or thumb suckers.

The bags are adorable!! You always do everything so nicely.

Anonymous :

I'm with you on the hair problem. I just got a good cut - but not what I asked for.

The goodie bags look so cute!

And I think the sun is supposed to come out today - finally!

Pink in a sea of blue :

Bags are so cute! I had a thumb sucker who stopped and then became a nail biter. Drives me crazy! He's now trying to stop by only biting nails on one hand! Jeez. We're on day 5 of rain, too. Stop already!!!

CR :

I can FINALLY see the SUN today! Yay!

Caffeine Court :

I LOVED your comment on my blog about BlogHer. You hit the nail right on the head.

I KNEW there was something about BlogHer that turned me off!

Wacie's Way :

I'm with you on the rain . . I am SO over it!! Your goody bags are too cute - I'd like to be in your kid's class to get one! Thank God, I don't have a nail biter, BUT she doesn't like to cut them either so they end up being claws. Her toe nails become weapons!!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques :

The bags are smashing as I'm sure your beautiful hair probably is! We always tend to be harder on ourselves!!!!

I need to go through my closet but I can never let anything go. Need to purge and start over!

My good news today: Dear Bebe turned over...yay!

Anonymous :

Those bags are adorable! Very well done for last minute. My son bites his nails. The strange thing is that I have never actually seen him doing it. I can just tell by the way his nails look and because they never need to be trimmed. We are getting new carpet in a few weeks, and I am afraid we are going to find a big pile of fingernails in his room somewhere. GROSS!

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