A Few of My Favorite Things- *This 'n That*


Two of my favorite artists - Alison Krauss and Robert Plant - together on one fabulous CD.

I recently thought I'd give lash primer a try, and I love it! It helps mascara wear so much better and keeps my lashes curled all day.

And in my never-ending quest for a great lengthening mascara (that doesn't cost $30), I picked up Maybelline's Lash Stiletto... love it!

I was perusing the Lucky Brand department at Macy's a couple weeks ago (and yes I still loathe malls, but who's counting) and decided to throw caution to the wind and try their jeans. Lo and behold, they fit great. Long enough in the leg length and in the rise. My favorite style is their Sweet n' Low. And, speaking of LUCKY...use code 9MARFF4 online (www.luckybrand.com) for 40% off your entire purchase through April 5th. If you want a coupon to use in a Lucky Brand store, email me.

Have a good weekend, y'all.


k e r r y :

love lucky jeans too - thanks for the code!

SouthernAspirational :

You read my mind! I was just searching for a good primer/mascara. I've been using had a tried and true for a couple years but I'm in need of a change. Thanks for the tip AND for the Lucky code...They are seriously the only brand that actually fits me well!

Caffeine Court :

Thanks for the code!!!

I'll try it.

Justabeachkat :

Thanks for these suggestions. I'm ready for a new mascara. The CD sounds good. I've never tried Lucky jeans, but I will.


(Hey, stop by and give me some wedding ideas)

Nadine :

I always wanted to try that mascara. I wondered if it worked - thanks.

Caffeine Court :

You are so sweet for giving us that code! How did you get it?

I'm going to order some jeans...I already got a bunch of stuff, but I'm going back for more.

You are going to get me into trouble girl!

Unknown :

Love the tips, my friend! Always need a good mascara! BTW, I find the perfect round brush for my hair. My daughter bought it from Sally's. It is boar hair and the name of it is Bora Bora Ceramics C333745. Not much information written on the brush. FYI xoxo

Angela Baylis :

I consider you the expert, Jill! Whatever you suggest will soon be my favorite as well! I need a good mascara and I think I still have some old Lucky jeans. Maybe I should give them another chance since I've done a little yoga! Do you think you can e-mail me the coupon so I can go to the store and try them on before purchasing some? Thanks!
Have a nice day!
Angie xoxo

Gracie Beth :

I got really mad at one of my sisters because she works in the country music industry and said she did not think Robert Plant and Allison Krauss deserved all the grammys that they won...I nearly had a heart attack when she said "who is Robert Plant anyways?" Sorry that I have not been commenting blogger decided for me that I was no longer a follower of you blog grr... I fixed that just now.

c :

I love, love, love Allison Krauss!

Constant Frivolity :

That mascara is on sale BOGO at Walgreen's this week - at least in Ohio it is :)

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