A Few of My Favorite Things - **For Summer**


In addition to my new favorite self-tanner, I thought I'd share some more things I am enjoying this summer.


I always thought of Clark's as too "granola" for my taste, but I ran across a display of their leather flip-flops at Macy's and tried a pair on for the heck of it. It was love at first wearing, and I now own these in silver, black patent and red.


As much as I love flip-flops, I hate what wearing them does to my feet. I keep one in the shower and give my heels a once-over every day. *Note: Pumice sponges are not the same as pumice stones. Sponges are a little more porous, easier to use, and give better results.


I grabbed this on a whim at CVS the other day, hoping it wouldn't be too greasy or smelly. I was pleasantly surprised that it was neither. I slather this on right after I shower, wrap up in a towel, and let it soak in for 5 minutes or so. After I dry off there is no oily residue left behind and my skin feels great!


In addition to all the usual washing, blow drying and flat ironing I do to my hair, the summer sun and pool take an additional toll. I've been using the leave in hair tonic by Biolage for years when my hair needs some extra TLC. Towel dry, spray in, comb through and style as usual.


One of Calvin Klein's unisex scents, I love it for its fresh and somewhat earthy smell.

(Now if only I could find a miracle bathing suit, I'd be all set.)


Just Mom :

Thanks for the tip on the pumice sponge. We're heading to Hawaii soon and my feet really need help. I hope that wasn't tmi. :-D

Stephanie :

I am glad to hear about the Keri oil. I saw it in CVS a few weeks ago, and I was hoping someone would write a review before I bought it!

Now I am adding it to my list for Mr. Newlywed.

Unknown :

I really need a new summer fragrance - will have to check out the CK scent. Thanks!


Please tell if you find a miracle suit. I've been looking too.

Gracie Beth :

I will have to try those pumice sponges because I am sick of cutting my foot open with the darn ped egg (I know right? I must be the only person on earth capable of doing that)

Nadine :

You always have great tips. Thanks for sharing.

Cole :

I have the Clarks flip-flops in black patent. LOVE 'em!!

Caffeine Court :

Thanks!! I'm going to buy every single one of your suggestions!

(Along with a couple of Maxi dresses!)

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques :

Great products...thanks for the tips! I could really use the pumice sponge...I love flip flops.

Anonymous :

I'm going to be looking for those pumice sponges and the Biolage. And I love the Keri bath oil.

I'm having a 1000th post give-away today - come on over.

Jennifer (mom of four) :

I love all your favorites! I will have to try the pumice sponge. My favorite flip flops are the Yellowbox I have about 4 pairs of their polka dot in pretty colors

Justabeachkat :

I love all the products too, but I've never tried the sponge. Gotta get me one! Between flip flops and tennis, my feet need extra attention.

If you find the miracle bathing suit, please let me know. I'm still looking myself.


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