Thank Goodness The Mailman Finally Delivered....


my the three year old's...

July edition...

of Runner's World, his favorite thing to read.

Who needs Mother Goose when you can read about 5K's, high tech running gadgets and injury prevention, (not to mention that pretty cover girl...let's not kid anyone).

Hopefully I can borrow it when he's done.


Justabeachkat :

Too funny! He's getting soooo big!


Preppy Pink Crocodile :

He's adorable! I think you have a future athlete on your hands!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques :

Wow. In just 2 years and 3 months...Dear Bebe will be reading magazines? I am not prepared for this! Today she sat up by herself and is crawling now! She's growing up too fast.

Your Adam is adorable!

Amber :

I get that magazine too...and I'm SOOO jealous of that woman's abs. However, my girls aren't so much into it, they're more about Oriental Trading Post! ;o)

Unknown :

That is so cute! He is such a little doll.

Unknown :

Too funny!! He is as cute as can be!

High-Heeled Foot in the door :

Oh what a cute fella and so cute that he decide to help ya out and read it all for your before hand. Now he can be your trainer :)

Dianne :

My word...he has GROWN! I can hardly believe this is him! What a cutie-pie!

Wacie's Way :

How did you start running? I need inspiration/motivation - help!!

Scarlet O'Kara :

Looks like you have a future running buddy...

Jill :

Wacie- Gosh,girl... I started running so long ago I can't really remember why, but I do know HOW....SLOWLY. I just poked along, huffing and puffing, and then I'd go a little further the next time, and the next, and then it really got to be fun. I've run two marathons and both times I've used the Jeff Galloway training schedule and his running method of running with walking breaks. I have run my share of 5ks, 10Ks, too but I never "race", I just run to have a good time, maybe beat my old time, and FINISH. Start easy with no pressure on yourself. And get yourself a good pair of running shoes and water wicking running socks (not those cotton tube socks). There's nothing worse than shin splints of blisters right off the bat to cause you to get discouraged and quit.

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