The Maxi Dress


Are any of you fans of the maxi-dresses that are so popular this spring/summer?

I love them, though I don't find them terribly flattering on me. (And I wish they were called something else). You can't beat them for comfort and they're so easy to throw on and go.

I even hesitated posting this photo because it makes me look a little more MAXI that I want. ha!

But, I can't resist the allure of all the colorful choices and styles. I have seven maxi dresses and have loved making outfits by adding long necklaces, shrug or wrap sweaters like I'm wearing here, and even a denim jacket.

My favorite place to buy them is Macy's, and Target, Old Navy and Nordstrom have great selections as well.

I always wear them with flip-flops, which adds to the "throw and go" ease.


clemsongirlandthecoach :

You look absolutely GORGEOUS.

But that's true no matter what you wear!

Tonja :

I think you look great! I hate to say it, but I loved these the first time around. They were called maxi dresses then, too. And, there was also something called the midi dress, that was calf length...and of course the mini.

I haven't bought one this time yet, but they sure do look cute!

Cole :

You look fabulous!

I learned quickly that I can't wear maxi dresses though... I'm short and look like I'd drowning in fabric. :-)

Gracie Beth :

You look Lovely! You have enough height to pull off a maxi dress!

Needs Help :

Love the look on you! I'm a huge fan of the maxi dress so easy and comfortable :)

Holly :

I think you look FAB. I wonder why it's called Maxi in the first place.

I haven't paid much attention in the stores lately, do they have straps or are they strapless? I love the look with a shrug or denim jacket (if you don't melt!) :)

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* :

A gem among the masterpieces! :)

Unknown :

You look FAB!!! I just wish they came in petite sizes!

The 5 Bickies :

You look beautiful and Maxi is made for you. I'm 5'9" and know I can pull one off but haven't made a purchase yet. I am sure I will before the summer is over.

ps...I hate the Maxi name. Makes me think of something else!

Nadine :

You may not realize how lovely you look, but you do. I think they look so comfortable.

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques :

I think I've been too busy with Bebe to know what they were called! You of course, look awesome! I'd love to see your looks fabulous, too!

The denim jacket idea with a short one (for me) sounds like a good ensemble.

Under this Umbrella :

First, You look FANTASTIC! Wow, I think I don't like you just a litte bit. :)

Second, thank you for sharing your hate for the maxi name. I have the same hate, but my sister always makes fun of me and says it is ridiculous that I have such hate.

Justabeachkat :

Darling on you! I haven't bought one yet, but I'm considering it. It's just so darn hot here that I hestitate. I saw a girl with a cute one on yesterday and she had on a short denim jacket. It looked darling, but she had to of been HOT.


Unknown :

Love the look on you. I thought I would look awful in one but after seeing the pic of you, I'm going to try one on just to see. The only problem here is it's just tooo hot to wear anything over them. Guess I should have kept up with the 30 day shred. Maybe my arms would look better.


I agree you look beautiful! I have never heard of these dresses...odd name. I think I am probably too short to carry the look off.

Miss Jody :

You look fabulous Darling!!
Those colors look great on you:)

Just Mom :

Very cute, Jill.

Unfortunately, I fear that I am too short to pull off a maxi dress

Randall @ Happy For This Moment :

I like the style but have yet to find one that works with my short height and lack of curves. It looks darling on you!

Shawna :

You look gorgeous. I've seen a few people wearing them. They look so easy but still stylish. I may have to take a trip to Old Navy.

"Cookie" :

Love it!!! You're one hot momma! :) I've been wanting to venture into buying several but haven't had the nerve. I might just have to invest in several. But...the word maxi to describe a dress....not likey so much! [grin]

Anonymous :

You look great! More "Jill fashions", please!
- Cyndy

melissa :

Look fabulous Jill! I also hate the name 'maxi' (how about a pad to go with it! - lol). My good friend here just hates these dresses - I think because everyone is wearing them everywhere! I only have one, plain black that I wear mostly around the house - I haven't ventured out in it yet (too afarid I will run into my friend!).

Jules :

I think you look great in that dress! So pretty. I am a big fan of the maxi dress and also love that you can just throw it on and go.

Optimistic Pessimist :

I'm hoping to get one or two tomorrow. Along with a new pair of shoes!

Sandy :

Hi Jill,

Love the dress. I bought one too. Just like old times ... (70s) :)

Unknown :

You look beautiful and that dress is too cute! They should name them something else - I agree.
Hope you have a wonderful week.

Tina Leigh :

Well I hate shopping sooo very much but when I decide to go...if they are not out of style...I will have to buy one!

annie :

Love it! I bought some t-shirt dresses from gap and have loved having them to throw on especially saturday mornings with a cute necklace and flip flops! I need to try on a maxi dress :) and btw you look gorgeous.

Anonymous :

That looks great on you! Really cute!

Anonymous :

I have too much "mini" in the height department to wear a "maxi." I probably would like a child playing dress up. But you look great!

The Mrs. :

I love them to death. Think they are fabulous except for the fact they look preggyish on me right now!!!

Anonymous :

You looks wonderful in this maxi dress!! Nice picture!! Thanks for sharing!!

Belle (from Life of a...) :

I think it looks great on you!

Domestic Designer :

I love them too. They are so comfortable! You look great in yours! Have a great day!

Michelle :

On ME I am not a fan, but that could be because I am vertically challenged a bit so a dress that drags behind me is less maxi and more dumb, but on YOU it looks great! Glad to be catching up with ya in blogland as I always enjoy my visits here.

Dianne :

I agree with so many others on here... you look GREAT! Just be glad you are tall enough to pull it off...some of us aren't quite so lucky!

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