It's Nothing Short of a Miracle


The fat lady sang

Hell froze over

Donkeys flew

All of the laundry in my house is washed, dried, folded and put away.


Kate :

hahah this happened for the first time in ages to at our house too this past weekend! such a good feeling!

Unknown :

You go girl!

Mrs Anne :

Nice work...
mine next?

:) jk!

i only have one load in the dryer right now, then i'm DONE!

Justabeachkat :

There's only two of us, but it seems I'm never ever caught up!


Love the pic!

Becky K. :

Yippee! What a great feeling!

Momma Roar :


I can get the wash/dry completed, but it is the putting away that keeps me bogged down. What is so special about dressers and closets anyway? I prefer to pick my daily attire off the floor! BAH! ;-)

Under this Umbrella :

WOW! Congratulations...that is quite an accomplishment. I feel that never happens as hard as I try. Whenever I do, inevitably some child wakes up puking or wetting the bed creating an ENTIRE new load. Great job...enjoy your success! :)

Miss Jody :

I love doing the Laundry! :)
Great feeling!***
Cute pic...that's how I feel alot of the times! LOL!!

Optimistic Pessimist :

can you come to my house and help me do my laundry. I'm going to have to buy more underwear soon if I don't do thw laundry.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

I can SO relate! ha!

Right now I think I have two clean loads waiting to be put away and some nightmarish amount waiting to be washed.

Sigh... ;)

Kim :

Please come over here and wave your magic wand!

Tonja :

Savor this day!

Tina Leigh :

HURRY JILL!!!! I need you at120 Swamp Creek Road!!!! Come quick!! I've got tons for ya! LOL

The 5 Bickies :

Way to go! I don't mind the washing, drying and even the ironing. I hate putting it away. Guess what I have baskets full to do today?

kdwhorses :

Great job! but how long will that last!?!?!

That's my problem, get it all done and then it starts over again!

"Cookie" :

Must be somethng in the air.... that was so my house this weekend. I knocked it out! Don't you just love that feeling that everything is clean. Usually doesn't last very long but for that one minute or two it is!!

Just Mom :

What? You don't iron? ;-D

I get giddy when I put away the dishes the same day as I wash them.

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques :

That is a HUGE accomplishment! You deserve more than an old photo as a reward!!!!

If only I could achieve such greatness...

Lennye :

I'm never done with laundry!!!!

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