Five Things I Love About Summer


Pink in a Sea of Blue tagged me for a fun meme to list Five Thing I Love About Summer.

Before I list my summer bliss for this year, I should tell you all that I have already given myself a lecture about embracing these upcoming months since last summer was less than stellar.

A great attitude about any situation is 90% of the battle, so I'm planning on lots of summer fun this year.


We have a great neighborhood pool and we spend a lot of time there on the weekends (until about August 10th when the mention of the word pool makes me cringe because I am so over washing those beach towels.) This little guy is now a big boy - 3 years old - and so far spends most of his time paddling around the deep end with his floaties chasing his sister and his 12yo girlfriend. By the end of the summer, my goal is to have this little champ swimming on his own.


My family loves our deck for many reasons. My husband built it over the course of Summer 2006. Our house has a drive under garage, so our living area and deck are really second story. It makes me feel like I'm in a big, comfy tree house.

It's shady early in the morning and late in the afternoon and we love having casual meals there, or reading in the chaise lounges with a
strongcold drink.


Light, airy, flirty, colorful, great with flip-flops... and no pantyhose required.


I especially love fresh green beans, tomatoes and watermelon this time of year. And I can't forget those delicious Georgia peaches! Yum!


This year our summer vacation will be a trip to Iowa (via Minnesota) to visit lots of family and friends. The corn should be knee-high by then. I love my life here in the South, but I'll always be a Midwesterner. To me, it is heaven.

I'd love to hear what your summertime favorites are.


Tonja :

I love your 5 things about summer! And, I could not agree with you more! It is my favorite time of year! If it woulkd just STOP RAINING...I would be a happy girl!

I may just do this post, you don't mind! Maybe you'll start a trend!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment :

Great things to love about summer! I have wonderful summer Iowa memories too!

Tammy :

Super list, Jill! (I so wish we had a neighborhood pool where we live...)

I might have to do this list, too! :)

Gracie Beth :

He looks so cute floating around the pool. I am laughing about is 12yo girlfriend!

kmm0305 :

Love your #5! :) My favorites would be categorized under #5--a. sweet corn, all you can eat, fresh from the field b. county fairs c. state fair (both IA and MN) d. 4th of July (although we almost always spend it in Omaha) and e. lightning bugs. Have a great visit to Iowa!

mer@lifeat7000feet :

GREAT list!

My five would include:
playing on the lake
farmer's market
no schedule
4th of July
cool Colorado evenings without bugs!

Susan :

All this sounds delightful to me.

Justabeachkat :

Great list. Mine would be:
tennis, bike riding, walking on the beach, riding with the convertible top down, and eating cold watermelon

hillary ham :

when will you be in Iowa this year?? I was hoping to make it back this summer, but i am now going in October instead

Tina Leigh :

I love your deck too! I enjoy my porches so much during most of the year..Spring, Summer, and Fall. I hope yall have a good summer!

Under this Umbrella :

LOVE your choices! I am a born midwesterner and all of my family still remains there and there is nothing better than fresh corn from the stalk from an Iowa/Illinois summer! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

Unknown :

Love this post! Great deck, btw! I love the beach, the pool, getting a tan cause I'm mostly scary pastey white during the winter, watching my little guy play in the water and summer vacations!

kmm0305 :

We are going to Hickory Park tonight to celebrate the last day of school for my kindergartner. I'll eat a Saucy Southerner in your honor. ;) My younger sister was a county fair queen and competed for the Iowa State Fair Queen in 1997. You should check out my post about the State Fair last Aug complete with pictures. :) I didn't get a picture of the butter cow because the line to see the butter Shawn Johnson who was in the same cooler as the butter cow was too long.

Nadine :

I love your 5 things. I think mine would be: cool breezes, time with my honey, kids coming home for a visit and I too love fruits and veggies.

Kristin :

What a great list of Top 5 Favorites. I'd like to second the nod to sundresses (and flip flops)and great fresh food. After a New England winter it's also great to get some sun on my skin and actually want to be outside.

The Mrs. :

I started this whole thing! Love to see it going around!

Miss Jody :

Great post..great list.
I have to agree with everything on your list! My husband and I *LOVE* to hang out on the back deck. I'm a homebody person. LUV IT!!
5 things huh?..with out copying you?...umm hard to do..
*sitting on the back deck in the morning with a hot cup of green tea{evenings with a lil' blanket and a outdoor fire going}
*festivels/state fairs: walking around with big sunglasses and a summer dress...not a care in the world!
*sitting on a boat in the middle of a lake with
*shorts.tan lines {or not}.summer dresses.
*driving with the windows down in the car, and a lil' breeze!

Dionna :

Hmmm - my 5 fav things about summer?

*sleeping in
*slower schedule
*tanned skin (mine is a fake tan:))
*warm weather
*lighter evenings

Jill :

My favorite thing about summer is sundresses! I love the picture of the sundress in this post. Sooo perfect.

*carrie* :

Last week in our local paper, there was an article mentioning someone from Greene--I seem to recall that's your hometown, but couldn't find the post to prove it. Such a small world!

Jody :

So... You're coming to Iowa... Any chance you'll be near Des Moines at all?

Jules :

Swimming is at the top of my list also! I also love bbq's and going to the beach.

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